These 3 Colombian artists have impacted the world

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Music, painting, and dance are some of the disciplines in which these Colombians have impacted the world

These 3 Colombian artists have impacted the world

Colombia is a country with a great cultural diversity, within the regions that divide it you can find different musical rhythms that characterize them. But Colombia is not only music, it is also painting, dance, sculpture and other artistic disciplines. Below we will show you some of the artists that in each of their specialties have impacted the world.

1. Yuri Buenaventura (singer and composer)

He is a Colombian singer and composer, his real name is Yuri Bedoya and he was born in Buenaventura. His passion for these artistic expressions was inherited from his father since he grew up listening to the New York salsa of the Fania and the music of the Chilean Violeta Parra. After serving in the military, he decided to travel to Paris to study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at La Sorbonne.

Yuri plays in the Paris subway to help with his studies and is involved in that "Latin fever" that expanded in Paris in the early 90s, in a few months the artist became one of the best-known salsa singers in the Latin Paris. There are many successes that the artist has had nationally and internationally, so it has impacted the world with his performances and compositions.


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2. Fernando Montaño (dancer)

Fernando was born in Buenaventura 33 years ago. He is a Colombian ballet dancer and soloist of the Royal Ballet of London. In 2015 he debuted with the main role he played as "El amante" in The Two Pigeons. At 14, Montaño received a scholarship to study at the National Ballet School of Cuba for winning several awards at the International Ballet Competition in Havana.

Later, he joined the National Ballet of Cuba. Part of his training is in Italy and later in the Royal Ballet of London where he was instructed by Carlos Acosta. In April of this year, the publication of his biography by Penguin Random House was confirmed. His example is another of those that show that through art it is also possible to impact the world.



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3. Fernando Botero (Painter)

The works of this painter, sculptor and draftsman have gone around the world. In recent days, Virgilio Garza, director of the department of Latin American Art at auction house Christies in New York, in an interview with La W Radio Colombia, affirmed that this successful artist has managed to impact everyone through his fascinating works of art. Among the works enjoyed in other countries are: "Rider" sculpture that is located in the Museum of Israel in Jerusalem and "Horse" is located in Medellin, the artist's hometown. In Spain there are also several of his sculptures: on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid you can see the sculptural work "Mano", in Plaza Colón you can visit "Woman with a mirror", also in Barcelona you can appreciate the sculpture " Gato "which he carried out in 1990 and "La Maternidad "in Oviedo. The trajectory of this artist is long, his art is recognized for his style and technique, in addition to the donations he has made of several of his works.


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