3 outfits for Christmas eve

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Christmas is an ideal time to get together with family and friends, so knowing what to wear on these occasions is essential. Here, we give you some ideas

3 outfits for Christmas eve

Christams is finally here! To celebrate it, you should not only think about a good dinner, but also an appropriate outfit. Not only it is one of the most important moments of the year, the one in which families come together again to share, but also accounts for a form of personal expression.

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For Daniela Cote, blogger of Estileto Coté and director of the Petit Coté brand, recommends that when choosing the outfit the first thing that must be taken IGNORE INTO account is the dress code of the occasion, "because it is not the same to attend a dinner with friends, to a dinner in a hotel or to plan a family meal in Christmas pajamas".

Now, when it comes to maintaining elegance as a main pillar, the search for the look is not only important, but highlighting attributes and not defects is essential. Remember: it's not about buying to buy, it's about looking for clothes that fit you well, that are versatile and do not go out of fashion so fast.

1. The knit dress

According to Vogue Spain, knitted dresses will be in style until next spring. This dress, which has been taken Jacquemus catwalks and has quickly reached the low-cost fashion stores, having been used by insiders like Chiara Ferragani, not only looks good with ugly sneakers or heels, but can also be combined with flips flops.

This garment is ideal for night and day, for cold climates and has undoubtedly become the perfect purchase for this season.

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2. Atetele a la americana or tweed

Buying or searching in the bottom of your closet for a blazer is one of the best alternatives. Today and, according to Daniela Cote, "they are long, with pronounced necklines and a replacement for the dress". Now, if you opt for a shorter American, you can give it a twist using a belt on top, as the perfect complement for a dress or with a total black look.

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On the same line, tweed steals the protagonism again. These jackets, which are a reference for the Chanel brand, not only look good with jeans, but also turn out to be the perfect complement to dresses and skirts, because they keep the word "elegance" above all things.



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3. Shine

Giving a touch of brightness to Christmas is also a good idea. Blouses, dresses, skirts, and a number of other garments are easily found in most shop windows. The key is to wear a single garment, that is, if you choose a bright blouse, avoid bright accessories, the combination should be with neutral colors. The use of materials such as vinyl, velvet and sequins during this season promise to be an investment, as it will continue until next year, according to Cosmopolitan.



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