Women take over Neuquén’s National Fine Arts

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For the first time, an exhibition that combines plastic arts and film where the protagonists are women in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Neuquén is held

Women take the National Fine Arts Museum of Neuquén

Since last December, 15 artists woman will have a space in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Neuquén, the only Patagonian headquarters of this museum that is outside the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The exhibition of plastic arts and cinema is called "Own Room" where gender and will perspective is shown.

This is the first exhibition of the National Museum's heritage that exclusively collects all the works of female artists that it has. The project aims to establish recognition of the visibility of the work of women artists in what is the second national museum in the country.

Leer en español: Las mujeres se toman el Museo Nacional de Bellas de Arte de Neuquén

The exhibition was curated by the academic Kekena Corvalán who is also a professor of Latin American Art and Cultural Theory, who affirms that the visualization of these practices in a group gives the possibility of constructing other models to represent the world, of intimacy, public, power, love and the autobiographical.

In her words, the purpose is to take the work of the women from a corner to give them "Own Room". The name refers to the paratext of the writer Virginia Wolf, A Fourth Own. Its objective is to make opposition to the area of museums that is usually called guard, reserve or custody rooms, where the works of women artists rest. So that "Own Room" is from the beginning a call for them to leave there.


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35 female artists will participate with their works and artistic practices of the exhibition, the first of its kind that the Museum has in its 18 years. 25 of the artists that will be exhibited are part of the museum's collection and ten are from Neuquén, organized in collective proposals.

The first is called 3J and is integrated by Juliana García, Juliana Isidori, and Julieta Sacchi, where they present a critique of the institution with a gender perspective within the same museum. The proposal JuevesquefueLunes is integrated by Marta Carro, María Fernanda de Marco, Miriam Fascaroli, María Marta Kleine Samson, Andrea Scatena and Matilde Toschi. And the Neuquén artist Petu de Mareca will present the work "Cotidianos".


Once again art is the form of expression and in this house the way in which the rights of women are claimed. Entrance is free and open.


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from: 'Las mujeres se toman el Museo Nacional de Bellas de Arte de Neuquén'

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