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Who thought that arts and memes could be a good combination?

We present you the 5 best art memes

Recently the combination of image with text has gained strength in social media and other online communication channels. They always have a mixture of humor and truth that give users entertainment for a while. These images have become a way of communication between friends.

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That's why we'll show you the 5 funniest art memes. A great majority of art memes are images of works describing situations that occur in daily life from one or several texts.

1. Isaac Newton

This oil painting by scientist and alchemist Isaac Newton was painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller in 1702 and is in the National Portrait Gallery in London. It is now a popular meme because of the combination of the next and Newton's expression.

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2. "It's Friday and Mona Lisa knows it"

This popular painting painted by the great sculptor, painter engineer, inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci has carried out many assemblies and memes, perhaps due to the popularity of the work, which is not only one of the most recognized worldwide but also attracts thousands thanks to Giaconda’s face. Her smile has been always in the spotlight, because of the optical illusion it creates. Some other people say that her expression has other mysteries behind.

3. WhatsApp and Art

This meme is a mix of 21st-century technology with art. Here a man, with what seems to be a letter, looks at the viewer with a puzzled face when he found out that the person whom he wrote a letter to, has left him without an answer.

4. American Gothic

This painting is one of the most famous, carried out by the American painter Grant Wood. The picture shows a farmer holding a pitchfork and next to him a blonde woman, some say that it is his wife others say that is his daughter. This meme describes the situation where an apparently perfect couple is just one fight away from breaking up.

5. Frederick Nietzsche

Other memes that have become viral are those that have the image of the writers and their famous quotes written, first informally and subsequently the way they were originally published in their writings. Nietzsche conducted an exhaustive critique of Western religion, culture and philosophy.


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