Today we celebrate World Soil Day

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Let's be part of the solution by stopping soil pollution

Today we celebrate World Soil Day

Today, December 5, the United Nations for Food and Agriculture (FAO) celebrates World Soil Day with the purpose of stopping soil contamination. This year's motto is "Be the solution to soil pollution" and if you want to be part of this campaign, on social media you can use the hashtag #StopSoilPollution.

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According to the FAO, nowadays, a third of the world's soil is contaminated and the situation would worsen by 2050 when it is estimated that humanity will reach 9000 million people. Soil pollution seriously affects humans because the food and water we consume as well as the air we breathe are highly affected if the quality of the soil decreases.

The UN is emphatic when it explains that the degradation of the soil due to contaminants has as its main cause human activity. For example, agriculture and mining are responsible for depositing different chemical agents that degrade soils as well as their capacity to restore themselves.

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Although it has been possible to identify different pollutants and practices that reduce the quality of soils to combat this problem, technological progress also produces new threats that put the well-being of different natural elements at risk. The main threat we face is food security, because with degraded soils the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.

If you want to be part of this celebration, in this link you can download posters and logos that are available in several languages.


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