"We Fight": what you did not know about this exhibition

Fifty Latin American feminist collectives will be exhibiting in Berlin, Germany, until January 2019

"We Fight": what you did not know about this exhibition

Until January of next year, the exhibition "Nosotras Luchamos" , organized by the producer Karne Kunst and the association of Latin American women Xochicuicatl (singing of flowers, in Nahuatl), can be visited in Berlin . The exhibition is composed of photos, videos, fanzines and embroidery, among other exhibitions of fifty artistic collectives of women from Latin America . The main objective of this exhibition is to show current feminist struggles through art. Among the groups of photographers who are participating are:

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  • From: Ellas Para: Ellas y Choreadas representing Colombia
  • MUA (Audiovisual Women), Bondi, Fisgona and End of One World on behalf of Argentina
  • From Mexico, representing their country, arrive The Borders
  • Mujer Dispara arrives from Peru
  • Mujer Mapocho, Olla Revuelta and Las Niñas come to represent Chile
  • And the Nao é Nao collective will represent Brazil
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In this exhibition you can visualize the time of feminine empowerment and the massive marches that have been carried out to demand the end of feminicide and violence against women in any of its forms. You can also see artistic works that show both the economic and labor inequality of gender, as the green tide that emerged this year in favor of the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

The exhibition can be visited at Xochicuicatl, the association of Latin American women, which was born with the idea of ​​supporting immigrant women in Latin America. For this, advice, accompaniments, language courses, workshops, talks and various activities are offered in the place to actively participate in the social and cultural life of the city of Berlin.

Karne Kunst is an art production company based in Berlin, which seeks to promote Latin American art in the city and in Germany. To achieve this they have been working on the creation of links between artists from different disciplines, exhibition spaces, collectors and the public eager to explore Latin art. Moreover, this producer organizes, coordinates and carries out projects that disseminate the different expressions of Latin artists.

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Its director Marcela Villanueva affirmed that on November 12, 100 years of the feminine vote in Germany were fulfilled. According to her, as all the rights that the woman has acquired so far was a struggle, therefore the idea was to honor that day and what better to show what are the battles for equality that are taking place today in Latin America.

According to figures given by the federal family minister, Franziska Giffey, in 2017 there were 147 femicides, mostly carried out by Germans. In addition, 82 percent of the cases of violence that occurred were against women. The figures also show that the problem is not only part of Latin America, but that it is found all over the world. For this, it is necessary to make a call with exhibitions like this and continue in the fight against violence against women.


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