Argentina: this is exhibition will leave you speechless

The communication, the silence, and the myth of the Tower of Babel are some of the inspirations of the show

Argentina: know the exhibition that will leave you speechless

Until Sunday November 25 will be presented at Mundo Nuevo Gallery Art in Buenos Aires the exhibition of the Argentine artist Mirta Kupferminc "Bordering the Silence."

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The exhibition is built from images held in columns of silences and words, it alludes to the myth of the Tower of Babel and brings up the existence of the other with which it is difficult to understand. The exhibition proposes the opportunity to perceive, interpret and enjoy the material, color and textures made word.

The exhibition does not intend to make the spectator forget what hurts, on the contrary, it gives him a name, summons to look at who dares to let go of everything he kept quiet and should have said, all of the above because it is impossible to escape from what that does not disappear.

The artist invitates to think about the immigrant of the Tower of Babel and his desire to speak in their language in a place where another is spoken.

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Mirta Kupferminc lives and works in Buenos Aires, is a lecturer and teacher. Since 1977, she has made 90 individual exhibitions in which she shows her art internationally in galleries and museums. Her work is located in a precise contemporary production line, through which she approaches social life and becomes a representative of history and memory.

The artist affirms that art is a comprehensible language for all and the function it has is to show the invisible, its personal purpose is to show its Jewish history.

The artist has shown her work in countries such as Switzerland, China, Spain, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, United States, among others. Her collections can be found in different museums around the world such as the Hungarian Holocaust Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, among others.

Mirta is inspired by a completely humanistic vision, praises the ability of art to overcome difficulties, and thus achieve worldwide projects.


There are several awards that the artist has received

• 1983: she won the Marcel Duchamp Prize in La Plata Argentina

• 2007: she was awarded the Jury's Recommendation Prize - Ben Uri Art Gallery, IJAYA International Competition in London England

• In 2008 in Kochi, Japan she was awarded the Third Prize / International Triennial

• She won the 2009 Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Scholarship in New York, United States.


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Translated from “Argentina: conoce la exposición que te dejará sin palabras”

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