5 players who have appeared in movies and you did not know

Not everything is football for these athletes. We present to you those who have taken their talent to the screen

5 players who have appeared in movies and you did not know

Maybe you have not noticed, but these football players have taken their talent to the big screen. Many producers sometimes invite some recognized faces to be part of their tapes for a few seconds. Among these faces are, of course, those of some of the most recognized footballers on the planet. We present here five examples of five cracks that have made one or two appearances in the cinema.

1. Vinnie Jones

This is the sportsman who has made the most appearances in the cinema of our list. So much so, that for some he is more actor than footballer. Jones played for three seasons at Wimbledon FC, during which he earned the reputation as an aggressive player for his kicks to other players.

Later he would return to his original team, after going through Leeds United and Chelsea FC. He retired from football in 1999 to start his acting career. His first role was given by who is already his friend, the British director Guy Richie, in his film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Then, he would continue to play villains in other director's films such as Lock & Stock and Snatch. For the latter, he won an Empire Award for the best British actor.

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2. Ronaldo

The Brazilian was only once IGNORE INTO the world of cinema. In 2001, Mike Bassett premiered: England Manager, a fake documentary that follows Mike Bassett, played by Ricky Tomlinson, who becomes the representative of the English team after having represented a club that wins the league.

In this satirical film, Ronaldo makes a very short appearance in which he says only one line. The film was later turned IGNORE INTO an English series, in which, of course, the footballer did not participate.

3. Neymar Jr.

Many call him an actor on the soccer field due to his exaggerations when he needs a foul. What they do not know is that the Brazilian also acts in an action movie for a few seconds.

This is xXx Reactivated, the movie starring Vin Diesel, the third installment of the xXx action movie series. In this film, Neymar Jr. plays himself.

4. Zinedine Zidane

The French footballer marked the history not only of his selection, but of soccer. His short appearance in the cinema is also very French. This is a cameo in the movie Asterix in the Olympic Games, a live action version of the French cartoon Asterix.

It is a film set in ancient Greece in which two heroes face each other for the love of a princess at the Olympic Games. Who is Zidane in this story? He is an Egyptian who dominates the ball very well.

5. David Beckham

It is no secret to anyone that the former English footballer has millions of other passions and professions besides football. He has a clothing brand and since his time as a footballer, he has been modeling for countless design firms and sports brands. He has already appeared in several film productions.

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One of these appearances, however, is not a cameo. We refer to the English player in the title of the film Bend it like Beckham, which tells the story of an Indian teenager who hides her traditional parents she has joined a women's football team.

Also in the movie Gol! He makes an appearance, this time acting. Acts of himself in the company of other colleagues of Real Madrid at that time in this film that is about a Mexican opening step in European football.

Finally, he also makes a cameo in King Arthur's film, in which he plays one of the king's squires.


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