Do you like Grease? This collection is perfect for you

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The film turns 40 years and to celebrate the brand Simon Miller launches a capsule inspired by the costumes of the movie

Do you like Grease? You can now wear the same outfits as Danny and Sandy

That's right, it's been 40 years since the world saw Grease for the first time. The film, based on the homonymous musical of 1972, was released in 1978 in American cinemas and then in Latin American with the name of Brillantina.

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It was a musical set in the fifties in which a young John Travolta held a summer romance with a young Olivia Newton-John. When these two teenagers thought they would not see each other again, they find themselves on the first day of school. This meeting unfolds the plot of the film and makes the characters sing songs that would become fashionable in the late 70s. Thus, Grease's music and costumes became fashionable for a time, it was a classic immediately.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its premiere, Paramount Pictures teamed up with the Simon Miller brand to launch a capsule that reimagines Grease's wardrobe and brings it to the 21st century, where young people can dress like Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta did before.

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The alliance between cinema and fashion

It is not the first time that the seventh art inspires fashion designers. Normally, however, it usually pulls them IGNORE INTO the future. Movies such as Blade Runner, for example, inspired futuristic outfits on the catwalks. In this particular case, on the contrary, the cinema takes us to the past.

Simon Miller's capsule revives some 50's we imagined in the 70s. "I was at home watching her with my sister on a big screen," says Chelsea Hansford for Vogue when she recalls being in fifth grade when she saw Grease for the first time.

Now she, in collaboration with her partner in Simon Miller, Daniel Corrigan, has designed a capsule that revives what she lived as a child and takes it to the store windows.



Since, although the film was released at the end of the 70s, is set in the 50s, the Simon Miller capsule obeys the trends of this era. However, this does not limit the garments at all, because in the film we see a variety of styles. We see Sandy, the protagonist, innocent Australian who dresses with pastel colors and skirts with cut in A, but who by the end of the film dresses in black and tight clothes. And we also have Danny Zuko, the role of John Travolta, the rebellious school boy who wears almost only jeans and leather jackets, as well as very tight shirts.

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Simon Miller's signature

Although the brand clings to this style that is the signature of the film, it also updates it to our time. Thus, this capsule does not seem at all of a past time, because it adapts very well to the current urban fashion trends.

It has a youthful and fresh style but also nostalgic for the 50s. All the garments have some red, because it is the color that dominates the capsule and honors the rebellious Sandy we see at the end of the film and who paints her lips red. The brand undoubtedly takes great care to be a simple imitation of the costumes of the tape and prints its own stamp. The capsule is small, with only twelve original items that can be obtained exclusively in the Nordstrom design space, which ships to different parts of the world.



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Translated from “Vístete como los personajes de Grease”

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