Latinos in New York: do not miss these two photographic exhibitions

Are you a lover of photography? Ten photographers and an Argentinean artist will be the protagonists of two exhibitions at El Museo del Barrio in East Harlem, New York

Latinos in New York: do not miss these two photographic exhibitions

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The Museo del Barrio located in East Harlem, New York, will house two important exhibitions related to Latin America. The first one is called "Down These Mean Streets: Community and Place in Urban Photography". This is an exploration of Latino photography from the late 1950s to the 1970s, and its link to East Harlem.

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The work of ten photographers is part of this exhibition curated by E. Carmen Ramos, curator of the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. In this exhibiton there are portraits of urban residents in their decadent environment, street life in the historic neighborhoods of New York, the bulging community life that developed with urban abandonment, and the community activism.

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Other pieces show urban renewal projects and the effort made by residents to shape their own neighborhoods. You can also see photographs of the South Bronx, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in American history, where the physical devastation of this neighborhood and the lives of the people who called it home are highlighted.

The second exhibition is part of a non-linear study of the work of the Argentine Liliana Porter from 1973 to 2018. This is called "Other Situations". In this, the artist explores the conflicting limits that exist between reality, fiction and the way in which images circulate and are consumed. The exhibition is Porter's first solo exhibition in New York in more than twenty-five years.


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Her pieces emphasize the distinction she created between the notions of narrative and situation, contrasting them with the structures implicit in most stories that propose a relationship with time and in which there is no interest on the part of the artist. The past and the future of an action in her work lose relevance, because the problem faced by the figures portrayed is more urgent and absurd.

The location of the Museo del Barrio is of great importance. This was created in 1969 in classrooms, stores and a fire station that was upgraded, in which it was predominantly the Puerto Rican neighborhood of East Harlem.

Young artists taught cultural self-expression and community self-sufficiency to children in schools, because by then no institution exhibited their art. In this way, they needed a museum and they created it. In 1977, the Museo del Barrio moved to Fifth Avenue and 104th Street, which gave the institution greater visibility and space, although this has been controversial in the population.

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Translated from "Latinos en Nueva York: no te pierdas estas dos exhibiciones fotográficas "

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