Women who get up early have less risk of breast cancer

Getting up early has multiple health benefits and could even help you minimize breast cancer risk

Women who get up early have less risk of breast cancer

It is not a secret that we all have a body clock, also known as circadian rhythm, which regulates how the body works in a pattern of approximately 24 hours and have effects from our state of mind to our health.

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This clock, however, can vary between people. On the one hand, according to the newspaper Nueva Mujer, there are morning persons who get up early, have their peak during the day and are tired earlier in the night.

On the other, there are night persons or the owls, who find it more difficult to get up in the morning, are productive later in the night and prefer to go to sleep late.

However, the benefits of getting up early for health are increasingly being proven: a recent study led by Dr. Rebecca Richmond, a researcher at the Cancer Research UK Integrative Cancer Epidemiology Program and the Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol proved that Women who are naturally early risers have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who prefer to stay up late.

Using a statistical model, it was shown that the chances of developing this type of cancer in people whose genes made them more likely to be early risers were reduced by up to 48%.

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It was also found that those women who sleep more hours than the average of seven or eight have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer, of 20% per extra hour of sleep.

"Sleep is likely to be a major risk factor for breast cancer, but it is not as great as other well-established risk factors, such as body mass index or alcohol," said Richmond.

In addition, the results can not be applied to all populations, since most of the women studied were of European descent.

"We know that sleep is important in general for health, and these findings have potential implications in health policies for influencing the sleep habits of the general population in order to improve health and reduce the risk of breast cancer among women. women "said Richmond.

Other benefits of getting up early are:

1. Better grades: a study by the University of Texas, cited in Forbes, points out that university students who identified themselves as "morning people" scored higher on their GPA than those who were "night owls".
2. You will be more productive: according to Vix, getting up early in the morning ensures you plenty of time and productivity to the maximum, due to the tranquility of the environment.
3. You will be more proactive: in 2008 the Harvard biologist, Christoph Randler, discovered that early risers are more proactive and are dedicated to seeking and pursuing their goals.
4. A more restful sleep: experts say that by going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, your body will be more in tune with the circadian rhythms of the earth, which offers a better sleep cycle.


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