These are the celebrities who lost their mansion in the California fire

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The so-called Woolsy Fire has destroyed more than 370 houses. Among them, some are of these celebrities

These are the celebrities who lost their mansion in the California fire

According to the newspaper El País, it is roughly 370 the number of homes that have been turned dust due to the fire last weekend in California. Among what consumed the fire are several mansions of celebrities who resided in privileged towns like Malibu. According to the aforementioned means, this fire occurs after five years of drought followed by one of humidity that has left the fields full of dead trees and scrub fuel. This is undoubtedly a wake-up call about the long-term consequences of climate change. And when it comes to global warming and the force of nature, even celebrities are not saved. Here we present who of them have lost their mansion after the fire.

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

The house of the happy couple was reduced to ashes after the fire. And while this is news that everyone regrets, the singer and the actor seem instead to be very grateful that their loss is only material goods and that both are in good health conditions. The singer, known for her role in the juvenile series Hannah Montana and then for her controversial style and activism, shared on Twitter a message in which she said that her boyfriend and her animals were alive and well. "I'm one of the lucky ones," she says.


She is also grateful to the Malibu and California firefighters.


For his part, his partner the actor Liam Hemsworth has shared social networks before and after pictures of his beloved house that is no longer standing. Their reaction has been one of surprise and gratitude to the solidarity of the Malibu community, because always in these catastrophic moments one can see the support of one another in the affected communities.


Una publicación compartida de Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) el

Both invite the American community to donate through the Malibu Foundation what they can to help the families affected by the fires.

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Neil Young

After US President Donald Trump blamed California's fossil mismanagement of the fires, he was harshly criticized by famed rock singer Neil Young on his website. The singer wrote a short text that he posted on his website in which he assures that these fires are not the result of bad management but of the imminent climate change. "California is a paradise for all of us, a gift, we are sad to not be able to defend it from the wrath of Mother Nature," she says. Towards the end of his text, he says he has lost his home in the California fires. However, his text is more political than a lament for his material goods, because it is incisive in the bad policies of Donald Trump and how the president is in denial.

Gerard Butler

Comedian-actor Gerard Butler was also one of those affected by the fire in California. He shared on his Instagram account a video of his return home after the evacuation. It was completely destroyed. His reaction is one of gratitude to the fire department of the city of Los Angeles because it was the ones who were in charge of the evacuation before the fire reached their homes. Although he does not make a political statement like Neil Young's, the actor does make it clear that the management of the State of California has been undoubtedly good and has aroused solidarity among the community.


Una publicación compartida de Gerard Butler (@gerardbutler) el


Una publicación compartida de Gerard Butler (@gerardbutler) el

Caitlyn Jenner

According to the specialized portal TMZ, the Olympic winner and her partner Camille Grammer also lost their home in the fire. The one belonging to the Kardashian clan has not given any statement so far. Other celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Guillermo del Toro and Kim Kardashian herself were evacuated from their homes during the fire alert. We deeply regret this situation not only in the case of celebrities but in all those affected in the State of California.

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