Are you looking for organic products for your baby?

Find here some recommendations on environmentally friendly products that are ideal for your baby

Are you looking for organic products for your baby?

Finding the best for your baby's care also includes products that are friendly to the planet. Here we tell you some products that will take care of the Earth and the welfare of your baby.

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Biodegradable wet wipes

In the market, there is a wide and varied offer of wet wipes for the hygiene of your baby - and also for adults. These cleaners are single-use, easy and practical to use. The manufacturers claim that these products have natural components that care for the skin of those who use them, such as aloe vera and chamomile. However, wet wipes are harmful to the environment because they are not biodegradable because are made of materials such as polyester.

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El Universal stresses that this type of cloths are mostly discarded in the toilet, so they cause the drains to clog and reach the sea, where they take years to decompose. For its part, the BBC explains that these wipes are made to last, so unlike toilet paper, do not decompose easily. For this reason, there are other alternatives such as wipes made with natural fibers, wipes made at home with toilet paper or made with fabric.

Eco-friendly colonies and creams

Colonies and baby creams are made with chemicals that can affect your baby's health and are harmful to the environment. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase products made with biodegradable products and packaged also in containers made with sustainable materials.

These colonies and organic creams are made with natural ingredients such as tea tree and chamomile and in some cases come in presentations made with sustainable materials.

Ecological toys

Toys are an essential part in the development of babies because they motivate and help to boost motor and cognitive skills such as coordination, mental agility, memory, and concentration. However, many toys use batteries that end up being harmful to the environment.

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That is why you can choose alternatives, which also motivate and develop your baby's abilities, such as puzzles, dolls, cars, among other things made with eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable materials. Additionally, verify that the toys you buy do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA.


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