Is the end of the world coming? 3 documentaries that show it

These 3 films show the serious damage to which we have subjected the planet. Find out the films here

3 documentaries that show that we have little time

The misuse of natural resources, inefficient waste management, the emission of greenhouse gases, deforestation and many other problems have brought the planet to a critical point. For this reason, filmmakers, actors, and environmentalists have set themselves the task of showing the world the worrisome state in which the planet is.

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These 3 documentaries show us the little time we have if we follow the path we are currently taking.

1. Before the flood

On October 30, 2016, the National Geographic channel premiered the documentary film, Before the flood, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens. The film portrays the threat posed by climate change. To show the serious impacts, the actor travels around the world to personally know the devastating effects, as well as the opinion of experts.

On the way, DiCaprio finds himself with strong positions that describe climate change as a lie. For example, the governor of Florida at that time was trying to make the term illegal. However, great leaders of the planet such as Pope Francis have recognized the existence of this phenomenon and have called to protect the Earth from its consequences.

The documentary shows how we currently face some of these serious consequences, so we do not have to wait for a near future to begin to know what will happen if we do not act soon.

2. The age of stupidity

On March 15, 2009, in London, the dystopian documentary The Age of Stupidity was released. The film was directed by Franny Armstrong and John Battsek. The documentary takes place in the year 2055, when an old man watches films that show how humanity took the planet to the current situation. Society did nothing to stop climate change and its actions seem "stupid" for not having done enough to change the destiny of the planet.

This documentary not only shows the consequences that we will face in a very short time, but also demands the spectator for his lack of action when doing more to avoid the permanent damage of the environment.

Are we really stupid?

3. Cowspiracy

Released in 2014, the documentary was directed and produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. The film is a critique of the livestock industry and the policies that have been carried out by organizations such as Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network. The film is available on Netflix, a platform that invites you to watch the film with this synopsis "discover how the industrial production of farm animals corrodes the planet's natural resources and why important environmentalists ignored the crisis so much".

The criticism highlights that the consumption of meat and the livestock industry are responsible for the state in which the planet is located. However, NGOs do not expose or visibilize the problem in a way that is public knowledge. The consumption of meat aggravates the situation of the Earth, but it seems that environmentalists and NGOs dp not realize the problem.

Would you stop consuming meat for the planet’s wellbeing?


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