Do you want to make your own makeup? Find out how

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This is the new cosmetic trend and here we show you how to do it!

Do you want to make your own makeup? Find out how

Fashion and sustainable cosmetics are definitely in fashion. Many cosmetic companies experiment and test their products with animals, especially rabbits. This has led to the emergence of a movement around sustainable and cruelty-free cosmetics.

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One of the trends within this global movement is the creation of your own makeup. This, in addition to being friendly to the environment and animals, can be a very fun hobby and you can save some money, because you can use some materials you have at home without having to buy expensive products.

Here are some tips to encourage you to join this trend.

Lip gloss

It will seem incredible, but your crayons can become an excellent lip gloss. According to a tutorial on the Eslamoda.com portal, all you need is some crayons you have at home, some glitter, argan oil, a spoon, and a candle.

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You must grind the crayons until they are a powder. You can combine colors if you wish. When you have the powder, you must heat it in the spoon using the candle together with a few drops of oil to melt it. Then you can apply some glitter to the mixture and let cool in a small container. You can apply it with your finger on your lips or with a brush and you can try the combinations you want, they are endless!



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According to WikiHow, a natural and effective way to make your own eye shadow is using Shea Butter and Arrowroot Powder. Both ingredients can be purchased in health food stores.

You will also need some natural coloring depending on the color you want to achieve. WikiHow recommends cocoa powder, turmeric, or dried beet. You must mix the coloring agent with the powder in a bowl. The quantities will depend on the intensity of the color you want to achieve. Normally, you can use only half a tablespoon of the powder.

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When the color is consistent, add the butter and mix with a spoon until it acquires a creamy consistency. You can apply the cream little by little until you achieve the texture you want. Then, you have to put it in a small container and that's it! You will already have your eye shadow in cream.

As with crayons, you can create combinations with different colors.



Compact powders

Another essential cosmetic product is the compact facial powders. The portal Minf.Fit recommends this recipe so you can make them yourself.

Mix in a bowl 5 tablespoons of cornstarch with a little cocoa powder according to your skin tone. When they are completely mixed, place the mixture in a container of some powder that you have already finished.

Pour a teaspoon of ethyl alcohol little by little while mixing with a toothpick. Keep mixing until a paste has formed and then squash it with a spoonful to give it more consistency. Finally, leave an absorbent towel on the mixture to absorb all the excess alcohol.

You already have your powders that you can apply with a brush!



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