What does UEFA do to take care of the environment?

The European Football Association supports the care and restoration of the environment. Find out here how this organization does it

What does UEFA do to take care of the environment?

UEFA , the highest football agency in Europe, brings together 55 football associations and belongs to FIFA. Among its competitions, there are the Champions League, the Europe League, the Nations League, among others; all of them famous worldwide.

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UEFA gathers exorbitant numbers of fans around the world who are eager to attend and watch the matches. For example, in 2015, according to UEFA, "180 million viewers in more than 200 countries saw how the Catalans were imposed on Juventus 3-1 in Berlin".

Thanks to its reach and great impact on fans, UEFA has different social responsibility programs so that its work goes beyond the exciting sporting events. Environment is one of the concerns of this organization, which is why it has committed itself to carry out and promote actions that collaborate in its care.

How does the UEFA do it?



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UEFA is an associate member of WWF , a leading environmental conservation organization that works in 100 countries and has numerous allies around the world. WWF works in different areas such as forests, oceans, climate, wildlife, food, among others. This organization has approximately 60 years of experience in its work, so it is widely recognized worldwide.

As an associate member of this organization, UEFA "sponsored the WWF Panda Dance gala in Monaco in 2008, where funds were raised for WWF's activities for the conservation of European biodiversity." The football organization has participated in other activities such as Earth Hour.

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Additionally, aware of the greenhouse gas emissions that are issued - especially from air travel, since 2009, UEFA has purchased renewable energy credits in order to support the care of the environment.

Why does it do this?

According to UEFA's official website, "UEFA aims to initiate and maintain activities to protect and restore the environment. Through the use of resources and the attention received from football, UEFA hopes to highlight national and global environmental concerns and organize major football events in a more sustainable manner".

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