Fashion and soccer: everything you should know about Jordan Brand and PSG’s alliance

Fashion and football are combined in this alliance between a big sport team and a giant sportswear

Fashion and soccer: everything you should know about Jordan Brand and PSG’s alliance

Sports fashion has often marked the trend of urban style that we see in cities. In the 1980s and 1990s, basketball marked many of the trends in the United States that were later replicated in Latin America.

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This is how the Jordan Brand was born, a line of Nike sportswear created by Michael Jordan in the 80s. His first product was the Air Jordan tennis shoes, designed exclusively for the player, but then put on the market with great success.

In this way, fashion and sport are not excluded, but, rather, they complement each other. In recent years, football has been the sport that has marked urban fashion. The Jordan Brand is not far behind and has announced its new clothing line in collaboration with the sports team of the city of lights, Paris Saint-Germain.

Jordan and Paris


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In 1984, the first Air Jordan tennis shoes were launched. The following year, in 1985, Michael Jordan's first visit to Paris took place. Since then, as the Nike brand affirms in its press release, there has been a close relationship between the brand and the city.

Two years ago, in 2016, the brand opened an exclusive store called Jordan Bastille, located in the middle of the famous Parisian neighborhood. This store was the brand's first exclusive in all of Europe and has a curation of the Jordan brand's premium products. It also has a tennis lab in which customers can try models not yet released to the market or customize the models they buy.

Last year, they also announced their partnership with the French Basketball Federation. With the aim of modernizing and acquiring more global influence. The FFBB delegated the uniform design of all the teams of this sport in the European country to the brand of the basketball player.

Laurent Nicholas Bourgeois says Parisians have a great affection for the brand, because "in the United States if they say 'it's Jordan' you imagine a basketball or hip-hop event. In Paris, they say 'it's Jordan' and you know it's not necessarily for basketball players or for the hip-hop community. "

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The new collaboration

This is the first alliance Jordan Brand makes with a football team, and it is nothing more and nothing less than Paris Saint-Germain. This alliance consists of the launching of a collaborative line between both in which the first team's jersey is found. It was launched during the Paris Fashion Week and the start of the football season, two very important moments of the year for fashion and sport.

Michael Jordan told Nike that "Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain share a distinguished position in the sport and style, so partnering with the club came naturally". Both, the brand and the team share to a certain extent the same aesthetic. However, designing for a football club represented changes for the brand.

The Jordan x PSG collection has sportswear and tennis. They come presented in different kits, two of which are special editions. There are football apparel, but there are also classic basketball shirts very typical of the brand. All the garments are black and white, colors of the soccer team, but not much of the signature of the brand, so it was a challenging combination between elegance and modernity.

There are some strategic uses of red in some garments, given that it is the color par excellence of the brand and is present in the PSG logo. Finally, all the garments have the two iconic logos: the man jumping and the small Eiffel Tower of the PSG.



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