Will Greivis Vásquez return to the NBA or will he retire?

"Surrendering is not an option" is the slogan promoted by the athlete in their social networks, the phrase with which for a couple of years, is strengthened to overcome their injuries and return to the best basketball in the world

Will Greivis Vásquez return to the NBA or will he retire?

In life, as in sport, there are moments of absolute glory, but also of suffering and pain, and Greivis Vásquez, who at some point had his career on the crest of the wave, nowadays is going through difficult times as an athlete, even with the uncertainty of returning to step on a basketball court.

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For more than two years, when the Venezuelan basketball player played the regular season with the Brooklyn Nets , he suffered the relapse of an injury to his right ankle that has taken him several times to the operating rooms, a situation that worries his followers because we're talking about one of the best athletes in the subcontinent that has been able to play in the planet of the giants, with 2490 points for life and several attendance records.


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Here is the analysis with the perspective of will Greivis Vásquez be able to return to the NBA? Does he have the conditions and approach to return or due to misfortune should he resign himself and give way to retirement? The question is, LatinAmerican Post:

The injury

The Venezuelan has suffered a rupture in his right ankle, injury that, while not as complicated as others, in his case has become chronic, a picture that compromises much more his recovery.

According to the same Greivis, in a publication of the specialized portal Gigantes.com, the subject with the ankle has been difficult, since it has suffered several setbacks from the relapses. "Re-operating the ankle was not easy. It had no cartilage and there was not much room for the ankle to articulate properly. The operation went well, but my legs became very weak and I'm trying to regain that strength. I made part of the recovery in Orlando and the other in Venezuela."

The news

Currently, after the operation, Greivis is in the process of rehabilitation and strengthening, and although he is not yet scheduled his possible return to basketball, he says for Gigantes.com that the set-up is going smoothly and he hopes to be Very soon inside the boards.

"It could be my return long before Christmas. I've been in this process for almost two years and will continue like this until I feel totally in tune. I think I can still give my career one last chance and that I can play. The ankle will be strengthening these vital days, and I hope of course be for good, "said the basketball player, who is 31 and is also graduated of social communication in the United States.


Although there are some people who have criticized Greivis, arguing that the athlete has lacked more focus, since he has been seen in delivery of musical awards, famous sports competitions and has even been a television commentator, he ensures that his address is 100% in returning as soon as possible to the courts.

"The approach is to go back to the NBA. Playing in Europe is a bit difficult because of the style of play since you train a lot more and play one or two games per week. It's hard for me to have the ankle grip if I train more than I play. In the NBA you play three or four games a week and you train a lot less, which is what my body needs. I think I'll have one last chance to play in the NBA and sign a two-year contract, and then retire in Venezuela", he told Gigantes.com.

The future scenario

To know more precisely about the future possibilities of Vásquez, the journalistic team of LatamPost went to a specialist in the field. This is the Venezuelan journalist Johan Contreras, connoisseur of basketball in that country, and who said clearly the future in the sporting life of the basketball player is uncertain, although evaluating the situation, it is likely that there are two clear options: one, that finally withdraws, because the injury is more complex than normal and take the option to lead at the university level in the United States, and the other, to return to the NBA or a little less demanding basketball, option that sees more viable and do, at least, one season of set-up and another more quality.

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"Greivis is undoubted, along with Carl Herrera, the best Venezuelan basketball player in history and one of the most talented that Latin America has had. Now, the fact of returning is not so easy. It is very much the level that there is, and although he can get it to have, we are talking about a recidivist injury, which aggravates the subject a bit. Then, even the fortune, in this case, must have its quota", explained Contreras.

Finally, the journalist said that the most important thing is the health of Greivis, but he does believe that, unlike what the athlete thinks, the option of playing in European basketball is good, as well as trying to iron out some rough edges that they exist with the Venezuelan Federation of this discipline, and resume their position in the national team for the 2019 World Cup, an event to which Venezuela is practically classified. "It would help him to take his best form and the selection also for what he represents, so let's hope that this can be achieved."


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