Instagram: This is how these 5 soccer players live

Only one of the soccer players with more followers on Instagram is not Latin American. Can you guess who it is?

Instagram: This is how these 5 soccer players live

In LatinAmerican Post we present you a top five of the soccer players with more followers on Instagram and the aspects of their lives that they share with their fans.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo @ Christian, 140 million followers

No one is close to Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to followers on Instagram. He is not only the more followed soccer player, but he surpasses showbiz stars such as Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and the Kardashians. He is the second person more followed in Instagram of the planet, because he is only surpassed by the singer Selena Gomez, who has 142 million followers. A few weeks ago he stopped following the Real Madrid account and started following that of Juventus, his new soccer club.

His fans would follow him anywhere, so this did not represent a decrease in his followers. Quite the contrary, after his team change it went up a lot. The player post above all photos of his girlfriend and his eldest son. During the World Cup in Russia, the shirt of the Portugal National Team was the protagonist of his Instagram. Then, when it was news his change to Juventus, the player published mostly photos with the new shirt and his new life in Turin.

2. Neymar Jr. @neymarjr, 101 million followers

Neymar likes to party and this is just what he shares most in his social networks. He also likes to share his achievements with his fans and photos with other celebrities. The Brazilian soccer player writes his captions mostly in Portuguese. With the presence of Neymar and Marcelo in this top, Brazil would be the country that the fans follow the most. Currently Neymar plays for Paris Saint-German, after his departure from Barcelona. With him, they are two players who play or have played at Barcelona and who are on this list. After the fire of the National Museum of Brazil, he published in his instagram an image lamenting this loss for the Brazilian identity. The photo obtained 588,388 likes.

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3. Lionel Messi @leomessi, 97.6 million followers

The third place in our top doubles in followers to James, who is in the fourth place. The Argentine soccer player is the most reserved of this list. He does not publish matters of his private life, only his soccer successes. He does not usually put captions and when he puts them they are almost always in Spanish. His latest publications revolve around the Argentine National Team and his colleagues from Barcelona. In April of this year he also made public by Instagram the birth of his third child and since then he does not publish photos of his family.


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4. James Rodríguez @ jamesrodriguez10, 39.9 million followers

Almost 40 million followers have the Colombian 10. Currently plays at Bayern, after his departure from Real Madrid. However, the photos with the shirt of this team are rather the exception. His publications revolve more around the Colombian National Team and its entertainments. He is more open with his private life and publishes photos of himself on vacation and his day to day. There are also photos of his daughter Salomé.

5. Marcelo Vieira Jr @malcelotwelve, 31.7 million followers

The Brazilian soccer player who plays for Real Madrid occupies the fifth place in our top. He has almost 32 million followers on his Instagram account. This last month he surpassed the Uruguayan player Luis Suarez, who was until then the fifth most followed player in networks. The soccer player publishes mostly photos of him during training. He is more reserved with his private life than other sports celebrities. However, he occasionally posts photos of his family vacations. Despite playing for the Spanish team, Marcelo writes mostly in Portuguese in his publications.

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