The Colombian boxer Eléider Álvarez is in the spotlight thanks to his title in Canada

Although in Colombia he competed as an amateur, his career has been developed in the aforementioned North American country. His victory against Sergey Kovalev put him on the map

The Colombian boxer Eléider Álvarez is in the spotlight thanks to his title in Canada

The Colombian boxer Eléider Álvarez was crowned world champion of light heavyweight boxing, beating the Russian Sergey Kovalev. What few know is that it was Canada where the doors opened to show his talent. In 2009 he began his professional career in that country fighting in three fights, and today is a much more complete boxer at 34 years.

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According to a publication by El Espectador, Álvarez did not want to be a pugilist but a singer and came to boxing thanks to his mother Aida Elisa. He was born in Puerto Girón but grew up in Turbo, Antioquia, where he developed his love for boxing, a sport that has given him many satisfactions.

He was in charge of representing Colombia in different events of the Olympic Cycle, winning titles in the South American and Pan American Games. LatinAmerican Post, spoke with Colombian journalist Estewil Quesada, boxing analyst about what Alvarez did and his immediate future.


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Impressions about Álvarez

"He is a strong boxer, disciplined, with a long career in Canada, which has given him a lot of maturity," assured Quesada. Since 2005, he entered the world of boxing and in 2007 he won gold at the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro after knocking out the Cuban Yusiel Nápoles.

According to statements made by coach Abelardo Parra to El Colombiano, Álvarez owes what is to his mother and the teachers who guided him. Parra added to the source that Osvaldo Ricard gave him order and responsibility, convincing him that sport was the best option.

At 14 years of age, he lost his mother, and that was the great motivation to continue training and competing as an amateur. From that moment he prepared and won the gold medal in the South American Games of Buenos Aires that took place in 2006.

Why is it little known in Colombia?

Estewil indicated that Eléider is not so famous in his country of origin because he has not fought as a professional, and has had sporadic appearances. However, the communicator stressed that he had a great recognition in Colombia in the amateur field to participate in the Beijing Olympics.

Due to the desire, the desire, to strengthen the character and improve the technique, decided to go to Quebec, Canada with the aim of achieving their dreams. "I've been based in Canada for nine years, where I did my first three matches, and in 2011 I went back to continue my career, " Álvarez told El País newspaper.

In Canada, he has achieved great recognition, as he has maintained his unbeaten record and has the silver belt of the World Boxing Council. According to ElTiempo.com, Álvarez's technician is Marc Ramsey, his agent is Stéphane Lépine and his promoter is Yvon Michel.

The main strengths of Álvarez

Quesada said that one of his great virtues is the strong punch he has with his right hand, his education and his perseverance. The boxing analyst also said that the experience in another country has allowed him to acquire a high degree of maturity that has been essential in his performance.

For her part, her sister Deysi Álvarez told El Colombiano that her brother is a fighter who always strives for what he wants. "The Storm" as it is nicknamed beat the Russian Sergey Kovalev, and obtained the title in the light heavyweight of the Organization and the Boxing Association. Another of Álvarez's coaches, the Cuban, Jesus Martinez, affirmed the Heraldo that he has excellent movements and a good hand forward.

What is the future of Eléider?

Quesada said that he will have a fight for the world title in November or at the end of December, defending the obtained. He reiterated that he has a great future and that he is waiting to define the rival with which he will play a new fight soon. Álvarez added to the country, which is waiting for Kovalev to accept a rematch that has already been agreed and that cannot complain about the experience.


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