Would you wear accessories made with crystals of sweat, blood, and urine?

This London artist transforms body secretions into particular accessories for clothing

Would you wear accessories made with crystals of sweat, blood, and urine?

With the aim of reducing waste created by the fashion industry, stop using plastic materials and create unique and unrepeatable designs, this student of an arts college in London, designs accessories whose main raw material are bodily secretions.

Leer en español: ¿Usarías accesorios de cristales de sudor, sangre y orina?

We're talking about Alice Potts, a young student at the Royal College of Art in London who uses a particular method to convert body fluids such as sweat, blood, and urine into precious crystals that some might consider eschatological, but others would qualify as the ultimate expression of art and creativity.



For Potts, the use of these fluids is not only part of a striking proposal in the field of fashion, but also includes a series of environmental benefits and human health that go beyond the traditional use of plastic and cotton.

"Instead of using plastic accessories to embellish the garments, we can start to cultivate our garments with these new and more natural materials," Alice Potts told the Reuters news agency, adding that her technique for transforming fluids into crystals, could in the future become a bio-sensor capable of detecting high levels of sugar in people with diabetes.

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¿Magic or repulsive?

Potts presented his curious collection of glass accessories in the Fashion Show of the Royal College of Art. There the shoes of a ballet dancer decorated with crystals that were obtained from the dancer's own sweat were exhibited. The result of the urine crystals and their appearance on fabrics and some experiments with crystals obtained after the blood treatment were also exposed.



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According to Potts for Reuters, she obtains the raw material for her creations from some of her university friends who enjoy participating in the creation process of these textiles, as well as cyclists who donate their sweat to be later used in their sports uniforms or the aforementioned ballet dancer.

Potts states that the crystals do not emit any odor and that their use does not represent a risk.



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She has not yet revealed the process she performs to transform human fluids into crystals to the media, but instead argues that this practice could help reduce the waste generated by the fashion industry and becomes a proposal that highlights the potential that has the use of natural materials in the embellishment of garments or the creation of accessories. Would you wear them?



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Translated from "¿Usarías accesorios de cristales de sudor, sangre y orina?"


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