Tips to go as a tourist undercover in big Latin American cities

Traveling to a big city is always a great challenge: for this we present some tips that will save your trip

Tips to go as a tourist undercover in big Latin American cities

Latin America offers all kinds of destinations to travelers from the region and the world, ranging from beaches, archaeological sites, towns and natural beauties to large and modern cities. In this last case, knowing the great Latin American cities is a challenge, due to its size and all the attractions that are available to it. To facilitate your trip through the cities we present the following tips:

Scroll on public transport: According to CNN in Spanish, Latin American cities are among the most congested in terms of traffic. At the country level there are 4 in the top ten: Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Puerto Rico. In contrast, some of these cities have improved their public transport infrastructure, having an underground train system, such as Buenos Aires, Lima, Medellín or São Paulo, among others. They have accessible costs and connect cities almost completely, in addition to integrating with BRT systems that have multiplied in a short time. The cost of the metro in Mexico City per trip is 0.3 dollars, in Santiago at rush hour it costs 1.1 dollars, in Lima the cost is 0.5 dollars, while in São Paulo for 5 dollars it can be used for 24 hours the integrated system that goes beyond the metro, this according to information from official sites. The recommendation is to acquire electronic cards to use in a variety of transports, not just the subway.

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Eat local cuisine: Visiting Lima to eat at McDonald's? Although it does not seem like a good idea, it happens. It might seem cheaper to eat the famous burgers but really the local cuisine is usually accessible and you can get to know the country better from your meal. An order of 5 tacos in the streets of the Mexican capital cost from 1.5 dollars to give an example, consider try the arepas in Venezuela and Colombia, or the Peruvian ceviche, the variety in dishes is endless. The trick is to eat where the locals do, they will always have a recommendation of the best places to taste their national dishes, for example the site La Vanguardia advises on Tips to eat better on your next trip ask the taxi drivers, go to the small markets and follow the places most frequented by the locals to guarantee an authentic experience.

Buy authentic crafts as souvenirs: In every city there are souvenirs to take friends, but these are not always authentic, no one likes to have a flag of Argentina or Ecuador made in China. In the national holidays of Mexico of 2017 Verne El País published information about the sale of "traditional" dolls made in China sold in department stores, so the recommendation is to go through the traditional markets and if you are looking for something to give always carry what you made in the country, will help the local economy and will have in its hands an object made by the hands of an artisan. Something similar applies for bottles, buy only what you do not find in your country, it is not a good idea to buy a bottle of red wine in Chile that you can find in your local Walmart.

Light travel: This advice applies to any trip, it is not comfortable to walk around a big city carrying suitcases or large bags, especially when you have to use public transport or walk on busy streets, plus it will allow you to better monitor your belongings.


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Use technology: Thanks to the internet there are hundreds of applications that facilitate mobility, you can find cheaper flights, accessible accommodation and if the city you are going to has Uber or Cabify service you can quote your trips in advance if you opt for that conveyance. The Argentine journal La Nación reported in February on the growth of Airbnb in the region that has been dynamic, as well as the introduction of more types of accommodation to have options for all travelers. With this option you can live immersed in the culture and you will possibly find better prices. Also online you can get coupons to buy all kinds of things that can be useful as clothes, services, flights, etc.


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