How much does former Miss Universe Paulina Vega lose with the closure of her Twitter account?

Now you can only follow the luxurious life of the Colombian model on Instagram, where she does not seem truly affected

 How much does former Miss Universe Paulina Vega lose with the closure of her Twitter account?

Paulina Vega is a model, presenter and former queen of Colombian beauty. She was Miss Colombia during the period 2013-2014 and the winner of Miss Universe in 2014. Vega, 25, is also a businesswoman, and works with the image of international brands such as BMW, Falabella, Adidas, and Pantene among others. After her period of reign ended, Paulina assumed the position of World Food Security Ambassador for the non-profit organization Stop Hunger Now, and assumed the role of presenter in a successful reality music program 'A otro nivel' , issued by the Caracol Channel in Colombia.

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A few days ago Paulina closed her official Twitter account after several criticisms due to a publication in which she openly supported the Democratic Center's presidential candidate, Iván Duque. "Duque for President!" Wrote the former Miss Universe, in the framework of the elections in her country. After this event, the name of Vega became a trend in Twtter and many users judged her decision, which ended with the striking absence of the model in the social network.


After the huge wave of negative comments regarding the post of political interest and before closing his account, Paulina responded with a message to all her detractors: "I reiterate the invitation for everyone to go out today to vote, each for the candidate of their preference. Above all, I invite tolerance and respect for different opinions, let's celebrate our democracy". And in another message, she added: "Let's prove that we are not a country of violence and IGNORE INTOlerance, but that we support dialogue and diversity, that the desire to see our country get ahead is greater, that politics does not divide us".

Many followers lament the closure of their twitter, but it seems that for the former queen who wore a gold and platinum crown, with 1,371 gems embedded, valued at $ 300,000, who also has a luxurious BMW M235i, in addition to clothes from prestigious stores as Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, and jewelry, among other luxuries, this issue is not so important. Despite the fact that many of the well-known brands she represents with her image provided her with a lucrative income for publishing their products on Twitter, the model has an Instagram with more than 3.9 million followers, where she continues to post details of her privileged life and her work.



Is the former queen as affected as she seemed after the criticism of her political position? Will Paulina prepare a strong return to Twitter taking advantage of the scandal? Will all this controversy be the result of an ingenious marketing strategy? For now we just have to wait, the clear thing in the middle of the situation is that Vega does not seem to be having a bad time after the harsh objections of her followers.

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