'A Quiet Place': the rebirth of horror movies?

The film starring Emily Blunt shows an unsettling post-apocalyptic future that reminds the viewer of the sensations caused by horror films of the 80s and 90s

'A Quiet Place': the rebirth of horror movies?

Horror films have lost strength in the last decade, for many adults it still causes anxiety to remember the great horror and horror classic classics of the 80s and 90s. The heyday of coulrophobia and supernatural events we owe to these classics . In the decade that we live few tapes can achieve the attention of the public and critics, but A Quiet Place is achieving acceptance of both.

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Contrary to post-apocalyptic scenarios full of zombies, nuclear or mutant winters, the premise of A Quiet Place is relatively simple: without explaining why, or how, the earth is invaded by extraterrestrial creatures, who depend on sound to hunt creatures alive from the earth. Therefore, the inhabitants of this world must live almost in total silence, not respecting that rule can have a very high cost. Director John Krasinski is at the same time protagonist of the story, along with the winner of a Golden Globe Emily Blunt , his wife in real life and on tape. He has managed to create a stressful and dark atmosphere, with much of the film mired in silence, which manages to convey to the viewer the sensation of fear and make him understand the importance of silence.

For the director, the sound is a protagonist of the story with the actors; He has taken care of the sound design, the contrasts between sound and silence are perfectly manipulated to appear at the perfect moment. It should be noted that it is not the common resource of frightening the spectator with spontaneous sounds, but with the uncertainty of listening and following the sequences waiting for the moment to happen something not necessarily by surprise. The influence of Jaws ( Tiburón in Spanish) by Steven Spielberg has been important for the director: he has learned to play with what is not seen on the screen, but in the end it is precisely what generates uncertainty and fear. Another influence for Krasinski was Ridley Scott's Alien , which is evident in the atmosphere and character of the creatures.

Silence can be interpreted as a way to stop time, to pause events and in this case life. It becomes a barrier that prevents the full interaction of the characters, so there is a series of unresolved situations among them that are overlooked due to the way they coexist, taking advantage of the poor communication to evade them. The sound isolation is added to the geographical isolation that aggravates the sensation of loneliness and fear to present an intelligent and audacious history.

In just his third film as a director, Krasinski appreciates not having integrated IGNORE INTO the universe of Marvel, which has had the opportunity to enter several times, like Emily Blunt. The project of A Quiet Place has given oxygen to their respective careers, as the wind moves forward at the world box office, with an investment of less than 20 million dollars, the tape is close to 200 million, with advertising that bets on the recommendations from person to person. The producers already prepare a second part that answers many of the unknowns that intrigue the viewer in this installment that is still in theaters in most of Latin America.


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