Mexico: Who are the most viral Mexican boxers?

These athletes are part of a successful Mexican generation that wants to leave its mark in the most demanding squares of the world

Mexico: Who are the most viral Mexican boxers?

Mexico has always been characterized by the talent and quality of its boxers. In the Aztec country, there are great exponents of this sport.

What have been the fundamental virtues of the Aztec boxers?

Tenacity, courage, and effort are three of the main characteristics that the Aztec boxers have had and that have given them recognition. Many of them overcame all kinds of adversities, but thanks to their talent in the ring, they make their country proud.

Pugilists such as Julio Cesar Chavez and Erick 'El Terrible' Morales inspired future generations who decided to follow their example. For this reason, in recent years, high level Mexican boxers have emerged and they have achieved several world titles.

Who are the most viral Mexican fighters currently in the world boxing?

1. Hernandez, a benchmark in Aztec boxing: Eduardo 'Rocky' Hernández is one of the most talented Mexican fighters out there. In 2017, 'Rocky' was awarded by the World Boxing Council in the 'Rookie of the Year' category and experts call it 'The Boy of the Assassin's Fists'. With only 20 years, the athlete has achieved 25 wins and has not been defeated. Of those 25 victories, 21 have been by knockout and step by step he has been consolidated. Recently, Hernandez overcame a strong difficulty, since he was shot in Mexico City, but he is already well and wanting to return to the ring.

2. Valdez, the Mexican king of the ring: Óscar Rafael Valdez Fierro nicknamed 'The King' is another of the Mexican fighters of great success. 'The King' is the current featherweight world champion of the WBO, having defeated Argentine boxer Matias Rueda by knockout in the second round. The athlete has played 23 matches in total and has achieved 23 victories. Of those triumphs, 19 have been by knockout and he achieved the Gold in the Central Americans. At 27 years of age, Valdez has represented his country at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and at the London Olympics in 2012.

3. Ramírez, a golden lefty: Gilberto Ramírez, a native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, holds the super middleweight title of the WBO since 2016 and his technique is magnificent. In September 2017, the athlete was ranked as the best super middleweight boxer in the world by BoxRec and he has won all kinds of awards and prizes. In total, Ramírez has played 37 fights, has won 37 victories, of which 25 have been by knockout, 12 have won by decision, and have not defeated him. One of his most memorable fights was the one he played against Jesse Hart, whom Ramirez defeated by unanimous decision after an intense fight.

4. Berchelt, brilliant in super featherweight: Miguel Angel Berchelt known as the 'Alacrán' is the current WBC world champion in super featherweight. At 16 years of age, the boxer tried his luck in soccer, but he was rejected by the Pumas of UNAM and decided to devote himself body and soul to boxing. Berchelt has 33 victories after playing 34 matches in total, and he has only been defeated on one occasion by the Colombian Luis Eduardo Flórez. His records have allowed him to go far and, therefore, he prepares intensely every day in order to become stronger and add elite recognitions.

5. Álvarez, one of the best in the world: Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez is considered one of the most outstanding fighters worldwide for his achievements. 'Canelo' has been WBC, WBA, and WBO Super Welterweight World Champion. In addition, the athlete was a Latin WBO Welterweight Champion. His professional debut was on October 29, 2005, when he was 15 years old, and on that occasion, he defeated Abraham González by knockout. At the moment, Alvarez is suspended for doping, but he hopes to resolve this situation to face Gennady Golopkin on May 5.


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