Where would it be best to see tennis's greats? This is the most affordable Grand Slam

  Going to Roland Garros would cost between $ 9,100 and $ 9,500 USD, while in the Wimbledon championship it would cost up to $ 35,400 USD


Where would it be best to see tennis's greats? This is the most affordable Grand Slam

The 2018 Grand Slam season began with the Australian Open, and if you missed it, do not worry, you still have the opportunity to attend the Roland Garros tournament in Paris, the Wimbledon championship in London, or the US Open in New York, where Argentine, Brazilian, Uruguayan, Colombian, and Chilean tennis players will represent Latin America among the men's and women's teams.

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To help you choose your destination, we created a budget to evaluate which is the most friendly Grand Slam for Latin Americans, taking into account the lodging, food, transportation, event tickets, plane tickets and others:

1. Tournament of Roland Garros (Paris):

In Paris, the lodging could cost around 80 euros (€) per night, although renting an apartment would be more profitable, since it is more or less the same and, unlike the hotel, you could cook. Between meals and drinks you would spend 20 on average. The metro and bus ticket costs 1.7, a good option is to buy a book that brings 10 tickets for 12.7. Adding other expenses such as coffees and a couple of beers, a good day in Paris is worth 130 ($ 160 USD).

To go to the Roland Garros tournament, the fan must stay from May 21 to June 10 in Paris, plus the day of arrival and departure. It is the longest Grand Slam with 23 days of stay, which would be 3,000 ($ 3,700 USD). Tickets for this Grand Slam for all matches would add $ 4,220 dollars in middle class seats, the price may vary if the cheapest seats or the most expensive seats are chosen. The expense between the Paris stay and the Roland Garros tickets would be approximately $ 8,000  USD.

If we also include the round trip to Paris for those dates, the Argentine would spend a total of USD $ 9,500 to go to Roland Garros, the Colombians and Chileans would spend USD $ 9,300, while for the Brazilians and Uruguayans the cost of the experience would be of USD $ 9,100.

2. Wimbledon Championship (London):

A day in London is somewhat more expensive than a day in Paris. The hotel stay costs 90 pounds sterling (£) per night, between meals and drinks per day can be spent on average £ 20, on transport £ 10, on entertainment and others, £ 10. In total, £ 130, which would be approximately $ 185 USD.

The second Grand Slam championship in London starts on July 2 and closes on July 15. Unlike the Roland Garros, to enjoy the Wimbledon championship the fan would be in London for 16 days, in which almost $ 3,000 USD would be spent just being there. But since we also want to go to the Wimbledon Championship, we would invest $ 30,135 USD with tickets between the middle class and the first row, since many of them have already sold out by this date due to the exclusive nature of the stadium. Fans would spend around $ 33,200 USD in London to experience the Wimbledon.

If we also add to the budget round-trip tickets to London, Uruguayans would spend $ 35,400 USD, followed by Chileans and Brazilians with $ 35,200 USD, while Argentines would spend $ 34,900 USD, and Colombians $ 34,500 USD to go to the Wimbledon Championship.

3. United States Open (New York):

Accommodation is the most expensive in New York City, you could get a good hotel at $ 100 per night, although many are close to $ 200. Traveling by subway is the best option in New York, each trip costs $ 3, it is also advisable if you are going to use a lot the metro is to buy a weekly pass, which costs $ 31 with unlimited travel. Between the three meals a day and drinks you can spend $ 20, although there are always street meals up to $ 1. In total, a day in New York, with some dollars for leisure, costs $ 160 USD.

The US Open starts on August 27 and the final is on September 9, if we include the day of return, the fan would spend 16 days in New York, which translates into $ 2,600 USD. To this budget are added tournament tickets, which in total cost $ 7,000 USD if the fan chooses to buy the tickets for the seats in the middle. The trip to New York to see the US Open would cost $ 9,600.

The trip including round trip flight to New York would add to the Argentines a total of $ 10,600 USD, for Chileans $ 10,500 USD, for Colombians, Brazilians, and Uruguayans $ 10,400 USD.

Analyzing the estimated expenses of each Grand Slam championship, we find that although the Roland Garros tournament implies more days of stay it is the most economical option for Latin Americans, with a budget that adds up between $ 9,100 and $ 9,500 USD; followed by the United States Open, where the investment of the experience varies between $ 10,400 and $ 10,600 USD; and finally, the Wimbledon championship, where Latin Americans would spend up to $ 35,400 USD to support the tennis players of their country or watch the great ATP and WTA internationals play.


Latin American Post | María de los Ángeles Rubio

Translated from "¿Dónde sería más viable ver a los grandes del tenis? Este es el Grand Slam más asequible"

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