New arms race between Russia and the United States?

Apparently, we are in times reminiscent of the Cold War

New arms race between Russia and the United States?


Russian President Vladimir Putin presented during his speech on the state of the nation the new nuclear weapons of the country, stating that "nobody in the world has anything like it" and that the weapons are designed with a system that does not have limitations of scope. The exhibition was described by some nations as the "start of an arms race" that puts the strategic balance of the planet at risk.


For Russia, the message sent with the presentation of its new six nuclear weapons only responds to the departure of the United States of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty several years ago. In 2002, under the government of George W. Bush, the USA abandoned unilaterally the pact, signed in 1972 with the Soviet Union, which aimed to limit the number of anti-ballistic missile systems.


Ratifying this position, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, indicated that Russia's weapons pose no threat to nations that are not thinking of attacking and that, as the Kremlin has always done, Russia will continue to cooperate with all the countries of the world "based on respect and mutual trust".


"The president said it clearly: Russia does not intend to attack anyone and this weapon does not represent a threat to those who are not harboring plans to attack our country", Peskov said during a statement to local media.


Strategic balance in risk?


"Before we had the new weapons systems, nobody listened to us, listen to us now!" This was expressed by Vladimir Putin during the exhibition of the nuclear arsenal where he explained that they would have the power to reach almost anywhere on the planet, adding that the anti-missile system in which the United States is actively working "will be useless and will not make any sense".


For many defense and strategy specialists, Putin's presentation aims to ratify Russia's position as a military superpower, which began to be exhibited in Syria after sending his army to help the regime of Basher al-Assad. Other analysts indicate that for decades Russia has developed its military system towards defense and therefore the military powers of the world do not see it as a threat. Contrary to the US, a nation that has focused on raising aggressive military policies, accompanied by incendiary rhetoric and which expressed its clear discontent with the exhibition of nuclear weapons.


According to a statement issued by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, President Donald Trump would even be determined to use force to preserve peace in the world. However, the US Department of Defense revealed previously that the country is working on the creation of a new weapon that will be presented in 2019 and which would be composed of hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, and biological technology.


Putin, after stating that all his military potential had been successfully tested and that "all the weapons" have not been shown, he said that the great powers should fight against terrorism in the world and not between them, suggesting that the USA he seems to be applying this postulate in a contrary way.



Latin American Post | Krishna Jaramillo

Translated from "¿Nueva carrera armamentística entre Rusia y Estados Unidos?"

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