Panini Album: a tradition that is no longer just for children

The FIFA World Cup awakens different passions, one of which is completing this booklet

Panini Album: a tradition that is no longer just for children

Collectable items are the most profitable businesses. Among them, there is the stickers album of each world cup, one of the most desired and popular among football fans. Its affordability by price and relative ease to complete it make the album a sensation in Colombia, where children and adults gather in the streets before and during sports events to exchange their figures and complete their collection before anyone else does.

The album is also available in other countries of the continent, but its popularity is not the same. In Argentina, for example, this continues to be a mainly children activity, and rather few adults are dedicated to fill it.

In Colombia, on the other hand, children and young people are waiting for the moment to have it in their hands and put it back into fashion in schools, universities, offices, neighborhoods, etc. However, there are few data that are officially known about the subject.

When it will be for sale?

Alexander Hernández, of Coninente SA, the company that commercializes the product officially in Colombia, told to Latin American Post that there is still no exact date for the release of the album. However, Hernandez said that through their official channels of communication, such as Panini Collections Football or Panini Colombia in social networks, fans can know officially and timely any new.

Hernandez added that at the moment they depend on the way in which the product is designed in the Italian company, therefore, it is not possible to advance anything about it. This declaration were made despite the fact that some weeks ago, a Panini account for America published on the social network Twitter that the launch date would be April 1:

April 1 is the target date.
- Panini America (@PaniniAmerica) December 1, 2017

The price should be similar to the FIFA 365 album; the collection of clubs around the world that the Italian brand puts on sale annually. In Colombia, the 2017-2018 edition costs 4,600 pesos and its envelopes $ 1,450. However, all these details are for now only speculations.

5 curious facts of the Panini album of the world

  • Panini, a company based in Modena, Italy, began this tradition at the World Cup in Mexico in 1970. In that album, there were only 11 players per country, it included flags, a section of previous champions, and in its design alternating drawn maps and even caricatures of stereotypes of some countries. For example, a mustachioed Russian with a bottle of Vodka, a fat Italian eating pasta or a Brazilian swarthy with coffee in his hand and a parrot on his shoulder.
  • The first album in which Colombia appeared was in that of Italy 90. Interestingly, among the players who appeared was not Fredy Rincón, who ended up being one of the figures with the best Colombian participation in a world cup until 2014.
  • The album of Brazil 2014 had 639 figurines. On the other hand, there was Falcao García, despite the fact that he was the great absentee of the delegation.
  • Since the 1998 edition of France, Panini stopped taking figures from the host cities, limited to the stadiums. In its latest edition, these were composed of two figures.
  • With the passage of time, the albums become pieces of great value. In Mercadolibre, the one of the world-wide one of Spain 1982 – filled- is obtained at a price of 400 thousand Colombian pesos. Other copies of the most recent World Cups come at similar prices, although it is difficult to know if there will be anyone who pays those sums for them .


Latin American Post | Miguel Galvis
Translated from "
Álbum Panini: una tradición que ya no es solo para chicos"

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