Who are the best- dressed Latin American First Ladies?

The most elegant and fashion- conscious Latin American female leaders

Who are the best- dressed Latin American First Ladies?

Books have been written about fashion’s influence over politics, as these two have a long mutual beneficiary history. However, then again, there are periods when this relationship becomes even more noticeable.

The past year is a proof in this direction with designers employing political messages, and models and followers making political statements. From MAGA baseball-hats to pink pussyhats, from t-shirts with “feminism is cool” logos to DACA slogans, we’ve seen it all. Nonetheless, fashion’s true power goes beyond political catchphrases, embracing a more subtle form, one that is preferred by First Ladies or political wives.

First Ladies have embraced fashion as a diplomatic language, interacting with the world even through their style choices. From Eva María Duarte de Perón to Jackie Kennedy, there were always certain women who mastered the art of power dressing, and who inevitably brought glamour and sophistication to politics. Through their fashion choices, Latin American First Ladies are not only uplifting the visibility of their own countries, but they also raise the profile of emerging national designers.

Juliana Awada, María Clemencia Rodríguez de Santos, and Angelica Rivera are leading our list of the Best Dressed Latin American First Ladies.

  • Juliana Awada: Due to an alluring combination of exotic looks and sophisticated yet sleek style, Ms. Awada has become a bona-fide fashion icon. Since Mauricio Macri’s inauguration as the President of Argentina, she draw positive response thanks to her fashion choices. Her singular sartorial choices have brought glamour and timeless elegance back to Casa Rosada and transformed Ms. Awada IGNORE INTO a style icon. From her white pants suit -worn during the ceremony to commemorate 200 years from the battle of Chacabuco-, to the unconventional boho gown she chose for her nuptials, and her perfectly curated wardrobe choices that she selects for every state visit, First Lady Juliana Awada is constantly giving us some sartorial inspiration.
  • María Clemencia "Tutina" Rodríguez de Santos: The Colombian First Lady can teach the rest of the world important lessons in fashion diplomacy. Indisputably, one of the best-dressed women in the world, she is also responsible for supporting and promoting up-and-coming national designers. Therefore, she is transforming Colombia IGNORE INTO the fashion capital of Latin America.
    She tends to prefer a polished aesthetic and luxurious looks, which gain attention thanks to distinctive notes. Her attention to detail is impeccable, denoting an engagement with fashion. Some of her most notable appearances included outfits from Colombian designers Silvia Tcherassi and Johanna Ortiz. Furthermore, who could forget the Leal Daccarett gown she wore in 2016 while enjoying a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in her and Juan Manuel Santos honor?
  • Angelica Rivera: The former singer and telenovela (soap opera) actress is also one of the most glamorous First Ladies. Few manage to master like Ms. Rivera the art of elegant tailoring, suitable on the world stage. She shies away from contemporary trends, maintaining a chic timeless aesthetic similar to the Jackie Kennedy signature style. Beautiful but simple cuts, well-fitting, perfectly tailored dresses, and undeniably elegant and color coordinated accessories. Few women manage to look this glamorous while making conservative sartorial choices, and this transforms Ms. Rivera IGNORE INTO a Latin American fashion icon.


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