Neymar: from idol to enemy of FC Barcelona

The player and the Catalan club face a millionaire demand

Neymar: from idol to FC Barcelona enemy

Just a few months ago, soccer lovers were delighted with the trio that everyone was talking about: Messi, Neymar and Suarez. The three players were also known as the MSN.

However, Neymar chose to move away from Barça to succeed in Paris, far from the shadow of Messi. From that moment, the Brazilian player has tried to be the leader of the Parisian club project to reach the peak of world football.

Far from reproaching him, as happened when Luis Figo decided to leave FC Barcelona on the way to Real Madrid, in the case of Neymar the club's fans seemed to understand the decision of the player. In fact, the fans blamed the administration of the team, especially its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. The pressure that fell on the managers, because of the Brazilian, caused the relationship between the directives of the club and the player to be damaged.

Neymar had a contract with FC Barcelona until June 2021, when he decided to leave for PSG. For that reason, the Parisian club paid the 222 million euros of its clause of rescission to take over the services of the Brazilian.

What is the legal dispute about?

Last week, Neymar Jr. and his father -who also acts as manager-, Neymar Da Silva Santos, filed a lawsuit against the Catalan club to claim a signing bonus that was agreed before leaving to PSG.

This is a strategy that the player and his handler are carried out since August last year, when the footballer and his representative claimed to FC Barcelona 26 million euros that had been signed as a signing bonus at the time. However, Barça interpreted that they should not pay it because the agreement broke when the player rescinded his contract and left for PSG.

Despite this, Neymar officially notified Barça of the request for payment. However, upon his departure from the club, Barca considered that it only had to pay the proportional part of the 26 million euros since the renewal was signed. Therefore, FC Barcelona did not pay the amount demanded.

Upon hearing the news that Neymar had filed the lawsuit, from the offices of Can Barça  far to meet the claims of the Brazilian star, the club has responded against Neymar.

This time, FC Barcelona considers that it must claim against the player, before the Court of First Instance of Barcelona, ​​the total income derived from the renewal signed months before announcing its departure to the Parisian team. In addition, the club also adds a fine of 9 million euros for damages. Thus, the club total demand against the player is about 75 million euros.

The case could reach FIFA, which is responsible for resolving these problems in situations where no friendly agreement is reached, something very likely in this story.

Additionally, the rumor that Neymar would be the next big signing of Real Madrid - even in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo - due to his discomfort at Paris Saint Germain, has transformed Neymar into one of the most questioned and rejected players nowadays.


LatinAmerican Post | Daniel Ramírez
Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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