Top 7 South American islands that'll feel like paradise

These magical places promise unforgobettable experiences

Top 7 South American islands that'll feel like paradise

Undoubtedly, the American continent is full of innumerable characteristics in various aspects of life. It is true that there are social, political and economic problems. However, this supercontinent is formed in its maritime territory by large and small islands or tropical paradises, which also represent the culture, customs, and lifestyles of Latinos, catching with its marvelous landscapes the thousands of tourists that during the year they give themselves the opportunity to know these places.

Describing each island of the South American region is somewhat complex, since they are too many. However here are some of the best tourist destinations if you want to spend a few weeks of rest surrounded by the sea, the breeze, the beach and the sand.

1. San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina: unquestionably it seems to be the most desired destination by many people in the world. The Colombian archipelago, located in the southwestern Caribbean, is visited by hundreds of travelers who take pictures with the beautiful colors of its sea. They also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the inhabitants of the island, since Colombia has a great recognition at the world level of being the country happiest on the planet.

2. Easter Island: this Chilean island, located in the Polynesian Triangle, specifically in the South Pacific Ocean, is the second in the ranking here presented. Of the most remote islands in the world, Easter is considered one of the most inhabited: it has four extinct volcanoes that are geographically very attractive, and it is full of mysteries and myths of the Rapa Nui ethnic group, so many people decide to go to mix with the positive energies that this culture transmits.

3. Margarita Island: it is located in the southeast of the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Venezuelan national territory. Its landscapes are spectacular, due to its deep natural green that extends throughout the entire island. Its sunsets are incomparable and the water is so clear that it seems invisible. It is considered one of the best places to visit in Venezuela.

4. Isabela (Galapagos Island): yes; Colombia, Chile and Venezuela occupy the top three positions, but Ecuador could not be left behind. Therefore, in the fourth position we find the extraordinary island Isabela: the largest in the Ecuadorian archipelago and its surface occupies 60% of the Galapagos Islands. In this place you can observe from penguins and flying cormorants to iguanas and sea lions.

5. Santa Cruz: again Ecuador surprises us with another paradise to visit. Santa Cruz is the most inhabited and economically active of the archipelago. Two of its best tourist sites are a couple of inactive craters called "Los Gemelos" near the Itabaca Channel and Tortuga Bay, where you can usually see the Multicolor Crab "Grapsus, grapsus".

6. Chiloe Island: located in Chile, specifically in the Lake District, it is formed by forest with a great diversity of plant species. On the other hand, it is noted for having magical trails in virgin forest areas and islets that can easily be traveled on foot or by bicycle. The ancient churches of Isla Chiloe are considered world heritage. It also has a great conservation of animal biodiversity, which makes it a highly attractive destination.

7. Ilhabela: the name of this islands translates loosly to Beautiful Island. Located on the north coast of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is characterized mainly by having one of the most rugged landscapes of the coastal region of Brazil. It is formed by a series of mountains that make it really charming and is recognized for being one of the most significant points for sailing, among other water sports such as diving.

South America is full of infinitely pleasant islands that await for you. 


Latin American Post | Brandon Martínez Salazar

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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