Mexican women who are revolutionizing art

These are three artists with fresh and outstanding proposals that you should know

Mexican women who are revolutionizing art

Mexico has been characterized, among other aspects, as the birthplace of great artists. The most famous example is Frida Khalo, who represented the country with her art in different latitudes and opened the scene for Mexican painters. In addition to being one of the leading exponents in painting, she created a transcendental impact in history not only because of her technique, but also because of the theme behind each of her pieces.

Lola Álvarez Bravo, Monica Mayer, Carmen Mondragón, Helen Escobedo, among others, join the list of Mexican artists who, with their talent and their work, perpetuated a bit of the country in their works.

Currently, the voice of women is much stronger not only in society, but in art. Although it is difficult to open doors in the creative field, these three Mexican artists are breaking paradigms and putting up the name of Mexico:

Fher Val

She graduated from the Anahuac University of the Graphic Design career. This young artist has made from murals interventions in the streets of Mexico City to products and tattoos with original designs. Her unique outline captures a part of the country's culture in contemporary illustration. Fher Val has also given workshops to encourage and encourage young Mexicans in illustration and design.

Official website: http://fherval.com/

Instagram: @Fherval

Hilda Palafox 'Poni'

She studied Design at the School of Design of the INBA. Her authentic style is reflected in each of the characters, who are mostly female. Her portfolio ranges from illustrations, ceramic pieces to mural interventions for Amnesty International. Recently, in order to celebrate the rights of women, Hilda was in charge of making the doodle for Google about Elvia Carrillo Puerto, who was a Mexican activist and feminist.

Official website: http://hildapalafox.com/

Instagram: @poni


"Aspira to inspire" and "Create your own philosophy" are the main objectives of Arantxa Ximena Rodríguez. Since she was studying Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she developed a great interest in drawing and art. Her unique technique based on mandalas and geometric figures, have characterized each of her works. AXR has made from fractals, sculptures, and pieces with neon lights to collages that have been exhibited in Mexico City, Italy, London and Miami.

Official website: http://www.axrfractals.com/

Instagram: @_axr_

We invite you to review the work of each one of them, as well as follow their official accounts to be aware of their new works, workshops, and exhibitions. It is very important to continue supporting art in Latin America, especially women who, thanks to their creativity and work, are making a difference in the continent.


Latin American Post | Ilse Blanquet
Translated by Marcela Peñaloza

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