Five places to enjoy Bogota's nightlife

These are some of the top five bars and restaurants where both residents and foreigners can spend a party night in Bogota’s best style 

Five places to enjoy Bogota's nightlife

Bogota is a cosmopolitan city. It was cataloged as the South American Athens for its heritage and cultural richness, Colombia’s capital city took off regionally as one of the most visited destinations by tourists. Over time, Bogota has become, along with Cartagena, the favorite destination for those who visit this country, internationally known for its green emeralds, exotic flowers, aromatic coffee, and sensual women. 

Bogota has several areas that have been conserved since the Colonial times, which serve as one of its greatest tourist attractions. However, when the night falls, this city hardly sleeps at all, because its nightlife is just as magical as it is when the sun is over it. 

Below are listed five of the most representative Bogota places in terms of party and gastronomy.

La Chula: This is a bar inspired by the musical and gastronomic traditions of Mexico. It is currently one of the most sought-after bars in Bogotá, with three venues located in the northern part of the city. Their live mariachi and ranchera shows, which usually last an hour each time they go on stage, are one of their strongest attractions.

Isla Morada: Isla Morada is not located particularly in Bogota, but in the nearby township of Sopo, approximately 45 minutes by car. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly that this bar that has earned its place in the capital as one of the best places in terms of party and gastronomy. Its owner and founder is the Colombian composer and singer Andres Cepeda, one of the most beloved artists in the country, who frequently climbs on the stage of his restaurant. 

Isla Morada is a great space for enjoying live music and shows while getting a good meal and admiring the spectacular landscape of Bogota´s Savannah, under a Caribbean and tropical decoration and ambiance.

Full 80's: The nostalgic ones, of past decades, know that there is no better place to travel in time than Full 80's. Evoking a previous generation, this bar has as its appeal precisely the intrepid and enlightened eighties, that marked so many people around the world.

Michal Jackson, Bee Gees, Madonna, Irene Cara, and Kool & The Gang are frequently included in the list of artists that usually sound. Spanish music is also featured in Full 80's. People can dance hits of salsa and merengue, with artists such as Wilfrido Vargas and Grupo Niche. Furthermore, the bar plays Spanish rock hymns sung by Los Prisioneros and Los Toreros Muertos.

Andres Carne de Res: This is one of the country's most popular places, both for foreigners and residents. Its oldest branch, in Chia, 45 minutes north of Bogotá, was founded in 1982 as a small cabin selling grilled meats in the best Argentine style. Over time, the Andres Carne de Res brand has become a cultural icon, not only for its first-class food, but also for its rampant party. A few years ago, they opened a branch in Bogota, which they audaciously named Andres D. C.

Armando Records: Popularly known as Armando is known for its events that include new artists or foreign DJ's, record releases, themed parties, among others. 

There are three floors, each with a different ambiance and music, known as La Terraza, La Cochera, and Armando All-Stars. They make an ideal place for people who have different music tastes, because in the menu you will find everything from champeta to house music. Remember, Armando is not just a place to go for lunch, but to party and dance as if there is no tomorrow.

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Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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