Miami Art Week: Latin American voices

What are some of the galleries featured in one of the biggest art events of the world?

Miami Art Week: Latin American voices

“Each December, Miami Art Week becomes the center of the art world and hosts over 20 international art fairs, more than 1,200 galleries and thousands of artists in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida”, explains the MAW team in their website. Miami Art Week has an online platform where art galleries from all around the world can showcase their art. Having a virtual space allows art from different countries to converge and dialogue.

In their website, they explain: “Miami Art Week also includes an online art fair platform which provides artists, galleries and arts organizations with the opportunity to exhibit and promote artwork to collectors, VIPs and art lovers worldwide. Our digital platform provides artists, galleries and arts organizations with a new medium to collaborate and promote their artwork and enhance the art experience. We extend the reach of our Exhibitors by connecting them with visitors of the Miami Art Week online platform from all over the world, visitors of the participating fairs, social media platforms and collaboration with many galleries and arts organizations”.

This year, galleries from different Latin American and Iberian cities are featured in the online platform, and some of them participate in the fairs in real life. Some of the most outstanding of these galleries are:

Igaleria: located in Barueri, Sao Paulo, this Brazilian gallery represents artists such as Antonio Helio Cabral, Leslie Amaral, Fang, and Paulo de Tarso. Igaleria has been around since 1992, and, according to their website, has focused on featuring Brazilian artists with national and international trajectory, as well as fresh and young talents. It focuses mainly on contemporary painting, but it features some sculptures as well.

Machete: from Roma Norte, Mexico, this gallery focuses on emerging Latin American art. As they have stated for Miami Art Week, “Our aim is for every artist in our gallery to express themselves through a different voice and formal solution, so that together they may generate an inclusive and plural conversation”. Machete represents artists such as Hulda Guzmán, Paula Cortazar, and Nicolás Bedel.

Pabellon 4 Contemporary Art: located in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, this Argentinian gallery has been open since 1996. As stated in the MAW website, “From its origins, the art gallery intended to support contemporary art, including its insertion in the artistic main stream in Argentina and other countries. The primary objective has been to promote contemporary expressions of art to new audiences, to appeal to the public and to orient the colectors to new expressions of contemporary art”. Among the artists represented by Pabellon 4 Contemporary Art are Paula Otegui, Ale Jordao, and TEC. The artworks featured for MAW include works of pop art, colorful paintings, and a couple of sculptures that rely in technologies such as neon lights.  

AC Contemporary: also located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this gallery “seeks to show sections of the new Argentine art, some of the many artistic expressions of young artists whose works seek techniques and materials are varied, a mapping of Buenos Aires, without thereby be subject”, as stated for MAW’s website. They represent artists not only from Argentina, but also from Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay, including artists that work on their own as well as collectives such as El clan collective artists, or Project small format.


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