Rio de Janeiro: a paradise for extreme sports

The Brazilian city offers plenty activities to pump your adrenaline

Rio de Janeiro: a paradise for extreme sports 

Rio de Janeiro is celebrated for sandy beaches, iconic sights, the Carnival and of course its cultural diversity, but there is more to discover in this stunning urban settlement. Rio is also a city which pioneers sustainability while embracing the green lifestyle. It is a place famed for its cultural venues and hotspots. A city that lives and breathes music, where some of the world’s best bossa nova and choro artists found inspiration for their work, and it is an adventures place.

Yes, Rio is a paradise for extreme sport aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts offering activities for different complexity and endurance levels. Here is my personal ranking of the top 5 best extreme experiences in Rio de Janeiro:

• Skydiving: Get your adrenaline rush with a tandem parachuting jump and discover with the help of your instructor the unmatched beauty of Rio. Relish the peacefulness of the sky while you are at 12000 ft / 4000 m, feeling like a God. For this activity, no previous skydiving experience is required as the instructor will guide you every step of the way. However, you should expect to receive some formal (safety) instructions.

• Hang Gliding: There’s no better way to see Rio de Janeiro than from above and hang gliding is surely something that will transform your Brazilian trip into an unforgettable experience. Your journey will start at Tijuca Forest National Park where a certified instructor will check your gear and deliver a fast training course. Following your preparation, you’ll glide together with your certified instructor over the Atlantic Forest and enjoy some of Rio’s most acclaimed sights.
Most tour providers offer packages which include pictures and the recorded video from your extreme experience.

• Paragliding: What do you get when you combine hang gliding and skydiving? Paragliding or one of the best activities you could try in Rio de Janeiro.
For beginners, tandem flights with certified instructors might be the best option. The instructor is responsible for the flight while you’ll enjoy an experience like no other. Similar to your hang gliding trip, even here, you’ll fly over Rio’s most renowned landmarks, leaving Tijuca Forest behind you. At your descent at São Conrado beach, expect to receive your media package which includes the pictures and a recorded video. There are various providers who offer paragliding tours and the prices range between 150US $ to 250 US$. You can opt for a more budget friendly package by rejecting the hotel transfer and by hiring the instructor straight from the departure point.

• Caves Circuit Tour at Tijuca National Park: Tijuca National Forest is not only the world’s largest urban rainforest and a habitat that houses hundreds of wildlife species but also a trekker’s paradise with trails that will take you to caves and waterfalls. Venture through a network of caves and pass though breathtaking beautiful waterfalls while enjoying a hike unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

• Tijuca National Park Hike and Waterfall Rappelling: What do you get when you trek through one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world and rappel down a waterfall? A truly unforgettable experience! Every group has its own tour guide, who’s not only an extreme sports aficionado but also an expert on flora and fauna, thus erudition comes as a bonus.


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Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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