Portugal: why is it a European favorite amongst millionaires?

This country promisses great education, fantastic food, and rich culture for a price much lower than other European and American cities

Portugal: why is it a European favorite amongst millionaires?

Portugal is not only characterized as one of the best places to go on vacation; now celebrities, executives and people of power have turned to see the country as one of the best places to live. It must be because it is safe, it has wonderful cuisine, and the beautiful beaches predominate in this place. Also, the culture and low prices have attracted the attention of many.

John Malkovich, Monica Belluci, Eric Cantona, Christian Louboutin, among others have moved to Lisbon, Sintra and Comporta. According to information from the newspaper El País the reason why many people have been interested in Portugal is for its good education system, that is, the existence of good schools in this particular area, as many people who do not lack economic resources can spend in a good school and ensure the education of their children in more expenssive countries. This is one of the biggest reasons why which Portugal has shown a good image abroad

In the case of celebrities, they like to live quietly, in a relaxed atmosphere even if they are public figures, and this can be offered by Lisbon and Cascais, another area that millionaires and famous people love to live there. Rafael Ascenso General Director of Real Estate of La Puerta Principal said about what it is like to live in Lisbon, attributing the fact that its excellent golf courses and the internationally prestigious schools with which it counts are what make it an important factor for the desire to want to stay there for much longer.

Although previously it could be hoped that the best thing would be to have a house in Miami, many people in Latin America and the world have turned to see Portugal as the new venue, but not to be part of fashion, although some do let themselves be influenced by the rest, but to live a quiet life, at least before it becomes a crowded city, for now only people who have vast incomes are those who can afford to reside in areas like these, however for Portugal it is raising the income to 100%, in the future it will be possible to think that tourists and people with a little less can live in this European paradise.

Some of the most famous influencers have shared their images on social networks to show that Portugal is a marvel. The climate, the beaches, the richness of culture, the architecture, the food, the friendly and reliable people, the areas to walk quietly but above all, be a corner in which people who are crushed every day by the madness of being famous, of having to give autographs all the time or that have a fairly large wealth, can be safe in the streets, without robberies or  crime.


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