Latin America: you can bring your pet on your visit!

Cities in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico have several pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers

Latin America: you can bring your pet on your visit! 

Currently the human being has become more attached to his pet. It is true that pets are animals that complement our lives. They have become partners in experiences, adventures, and trips, which is why nowadays many places in Latin America have opted for a new form of coexistence in places that would previously be exclusively for people, for example:

The countries of Latin America that have more pets, according to data from La Nación, are Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico; Argentina is positioned as the number 1 because according to a Clarín research, in Buenos Aires there are already more than 700 businesses that are friendly to pets, that is, they allow free access to them. Some of the names of the food establishments are: Croqueta Madame, Mu Lechería, Evita Museum, Jazmín Store, Torombolo, Dulce María, in terms of hotels: Bio Citi Hotel, La Posada del Mar, Solar Pampa, among many others

In the Chilean country, mainly in Santiago, there are already several shops that have adapted to this new trend: Trattoria Calypso, The Happy Cup, Rice and Roll, Kleine Kneipe, El Camino, Luisitano among many more cafes and restaurants. In the field of lodging there is the Hotel Arca de Noé, quite convincing with the name, Santiago Marriot Hotel and in the same way, the Hotel Da Vinci in Valparaiso and Ibis hotels in several parts of the country already accept free access for pets.

Brazil has a number of considerable hotels of various price ranges where this trend was accepted, among the main ones are: Miramar Hotel By Windsor which is located in front of the famous Copacabana beach and where you can share the same room as your loyal partner. Hotel Marriot Executive Apartments in Sao Paulo but only dogs and cats are only allowed in this place. Oasis Boutique & Spa in Pernambuco is another option.

In Colombia, Bogotá specifically, there are the shopping centers Atlantis Plaza and Hacienda Santa Bárbara, Centro Chía, and Imperial Plaza where you can be accompanied by your pet, but access to food areas or clothing and footwear establishments is not allowed. If you're just going to take a tour and see some local with your pet, you can do it without further restriction. As for where to stay with your furry friend in this country, there are several options, such as the Hotel Valladolid, Lacanster House, Four Seasons Hotel Bogota Casa Medina, Hotel Continental Bluedoors, among others. In the city of Medellín, there are more than 100 shopping centers, stores and even jewelry stores that already accept the entrance of pets and in places of entertainment like Los Molinos, San Diego, Florida, among others.

In Mexico City, Greenway Café is a good option to enjoy your favorite coffee and at the same time be accompanied by your furry friend, in terms of accommodation, the Hilton Hotel and the W Hotel in the city center, in Other States of the Republic, for example, are the La Fe and Arts hotel in Guadalajara, Hacienda de las Flores in San Miguel de Allende. Another destination that is 100% friendly with pets in Mexico is Cancun, where you can find from cafes to 5-star hotels that allow pets for example at the Holiday Inn hotel and likewise, you can take your pet to Mirador II which was the first pet-friendly beach in all of Latin America.


Latin American Post | Cristina Torres

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda