Colombia’s true colors

A well-known Colombian artist represents the warmth and liveliness of her fellow people through art

 Colombian art

Various Colombian artists have been an example of diversity and style through time, starting with the famous Fernando Botero to Luis Caballero. Newcomers are showing their talent as well. In this occasion, artist Andrea Bernal created a whole new concept for exhibitions in Bogotá, Colombia.  Her display titled “Con-sentidos” took place at Casa Grau where people came in and found themselves captivated by colorful works. Music filled the room while people passed by while holding a cup of wine, wondering what each artwork had to say. Around 150 people attended this opening event hoping to win one of her paintings that was being auctioned.

Bernal is a Communication graduate who then took on the role of being an artist. But this wasn’t new for her since she has always wanted to be involved in the arts. She has felt inspired by the stories of the people she has met and those who she cares about. Interesting enough, this time around, she expresses her personality and wants her audience to get to know her. From love, music, and even elephants, Andrea Bernal reflected very personal moments in her life.

Her technique is based on acrylics on canvas with high contrast, intense bright palettes that make her style unique. Bernal’s brushstrokes are free; together they make up a series of figures full of energy. ­Energy that the artists explains as, “We, as Colombians, are particular because there is always a foreigner that know us and says, ‘wow you guys are on another frecuency, another vibration’. We are energy and our colors are in our dances, food, landscapes, and just our people”.

Art is just another way of showing reality of today. “Con-sentidos” is just a stepping stone to open doors for different audiences around the world.


Latin American Post | Shadya López

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto






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