Best places for extreme sports in Latin America

The power of nature predominates over the actions of man

extreme sports in Latin America

Latin America is characterized by its richness in natural resources, biodiversity, flora, and fauna that the rest of the world doesn't have due to climatic and terrestrial conditions. These countries have incomparable beauty in which the power of nature predominates over the actions of man; Waterfalls, seas, rivers, dunes, and even volcanoes have become the center of attention of people who enjoy taking the adrenaline to the limit. A very peculiar form of entertainment are extreme sports and there are wonderful spots to make fun of death for a while.

First, we have Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche the largest ski center in South America with 2 thousand 405 meters of elevation. It adjoins directly to the Andes mountain range. Due to its unusual height, various life risking competitions take place in this breathtaking location. This year, multiple events will be held from the 6th to the 10th of September for lovers of snow, ski, and adrenaline.

In Brazil, you can find the Iguazu Falls. In this area, you can enjoy tours of mountain ranges, hanging bridges - known as "trekking"-, but the extreme sport par excellence is Rappel in the waterfall itself with more than 15 meters high; considered one of the riskiest sports in the area. It is vital that one knows how to adequately practice said physical activity. If not, you can put your life at risk.

Mexico has several destinations in which extreme experiences can be taken to the maximum. One of the most well-known destinations is in the Paso de Vaqueros in the state of San Luis Potosi. The Mineral of Pozos that, thanks to its height, can be climbed through Rappel. If you wish to do something else, camping and adventure photo taking is also usual. In Tepoztlán Morelos, another destination in which you descend more than 400 meters inside the canyon, will enable you to see the famous Eagle Flight.

An extreme sport known as Rafting, or descending into rivers, is usually carried out in many rain forests. The Aysen River in Chile is the perfect place with a surface of 11,674 square kilometers and 97% belonging to the Chilean Patagonia. The inhabitants enjoy visitors to the maximum and are willing to help anyone who needs it.

Other countries that are perfect for extreme sports are Belize and the island of Ambreguis Cayo in which you can do scuba diving or snorkeling; Nuqui, Chocó, Colombia is an ideal beach to practice surfing and diving. Also, the well-known Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is a unique place to do snorkeling, diving, and visit the breathtaking Sierra Negra Volcano.



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