Food crisis in Argentina causes protests

Children are showing signs of malnutrition

Argentina Food Crisis

Throughout this past month, in the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, Rosario, La Plata, Córdoba, Mar de Plata, Mendoza, and some other cities in Argentina have been witnesses to constant protests. Hundreds of people took the streets, while beating pots and pans, to show their concern for the hunger that is affecting the poorest individuals of the austral country.  

Argentina’s job cut and poverty has increased over the few last years and some of the most affected are the children who are showing signs of malnutrition which can be seen at scholar dining rooms. According to data of La Plata National University, about 37% of Argentineans have some Unsatisfied Basic Needs (UBN) and about 13% are in extreme poverty which impedes them from purchasing food.

The protesters demand the implementation of a food crisis law in Congress in order to solve the situation. For that reason, the civic movement has the intention to collect a million signatures to promote said bill. Meanwhile, during the mass meetings, the Argentineans are installing collective kitchens to cook and provide food for those in a state of hunger.

Due to government’s lack of response to the food crisis, the movement of “Barrios en pie” of the Combative Current, CCC, and Workers Confederation of Popular Economy, CTEP, are scheduling more protests for the upcoming months:

- 27th of July: Camping in protests of the lack of governmental action
- 7th of August: A march from San Cayetano to Plaza de Mayo
- 22nd of August: A march sponsored by CGT


Latin American Post | Diana Cárdenas

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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