“Pequeños Héroes” takes a big leap

Pequeños Héroes

The movie is set on breaking the limits of the animated film industry in Latin America
"Pequeños héroes" started out with the intention of changing the fate of the Latin American animation while telling the epic story of Simón Bolivar (1783-1830), he who led the South American emancipation against Spain.
The Argentinian filmmaker Juan Pablo Buscarini faced the challenge of telling the life of Bolívar in the first ever Latin American animated film that bet on the technique of movement and motion capture. Buscarini also expressed that his production seeks detachment from the Hollywood cinema.
Motion capture is a process that follows the actors’ movements through a special suit made of sensors that track all their expressions, giving life to highly realistic digital characters.
After the release of the Argentine-Spanish production "El Ratón Pérez", Juan Pablo Buscarini immediately fell in love with the project’s technical ambition.
An adventure story that takes place when three orphan children discover important maps that lead them to Bolivar's deed. They then decide to go on a journey to find and help the Venezuelan army fulfill their independence.
Neither the filmmaker nor the screenwriter, Enrique Cortés, had intentions to film a nationalist movie, and, therefore, the story centers around the adventures of the three kids Arturo, Pilar and Tico. The film is set to be released by the end of July.
LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido Gutiérrez
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto