Youtuber fever finally hits Cuba

Cuban Youtuber

Following close behind the timid entrance of the Internet in the Caribbean country comes the birth of a new generation of youngsters
Sense of humor and cleverness came together to surpass the Internet restrictions Cuba currently has. A wave of Cuban 'youtubers' is on the rise, while the regime is determined to further restrict the site and, even more, social networks.
In Cuba, there are few home connection and most navigate in public Wi-Fi zones that were enabled two years ago. This service is offered by   Ectesa, the first and only connectivity Cuban company, but, sadly, because of its high price, it is out of reach for many (USD$1.50 per hour).
A small community of youtubers have emerged. Young Millennials who share their lives with humor online despite connection difficulties on the island. Compared to the number of others who also share their lives on the site, Cuba is far from being a leader in this matter as a consequence of its history and laws.
Nevertheless, we can mention at least five (5) Cuban youtubers that have made a successful career for themselves.
Yadira Escobar, Sandra Cires, Robertico Comediante, Pollito Tropical, and Moringadas among others, are some of the most famous Youtube channels with videos that range from politics, music and even comedy.
This new generation is working on letting the world know the reality of the island. There’s much left to be done but undoubtedly this might be the first step in the enhancement and understanding of the importance of an efficient Cuban communication system in the 21st century.
Manuela Pulido Gutiérrez
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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