Uruguay to invest $6 Million to improve border passes for tourism

Uruguay will invest $6 million to make improvements in the border passes with Argentina to improve tourist flows, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance Pablo Ferreri announced Monday.

Ferreri told reporters after participating in the Council of Ministers meeting that the new investment will be aimed at improving the border passes in Paysandu and Rio Negro provinces, both of which lead to Argentina.

“The idea is to work together with the Defense, Economy, Transportation and Livestock Ministries and with the National Development Corporation, to generate public bidding before the end of the year aimed at beginning work in 2017 and having them ready for the next (tourist) season,” Ferreri said.

He emphasized the “very good border pass (with Argentina) in (southwestern) Colonia province,” adding that in mid-2017 a project similar to the current one will be undertaken with the aim of investing in the Chuy pass, on the border with Brazil.

Currently, Uruguay is undertaking “short term activities to improve entry during this season,” said Ferreri, adding that “the Uruguayan ministries, along with Argentina, are working to improve everything having to do with (crossing the border) in this season with the existing infrastructure.”

After improving the tourist passes, the government “will undertake the necessary investments to improve the logistical trade flow of cargo transport in those border passes,” Ferreri emphasized.

The Council of Ministers meeting was chaired by Vice President Raul Sendic in his capacity as interim president, given that President Tabare Vazquez, is on an official 12-day trip to China.

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