Why excercise boost IQ

If you want your mind to be sharper, the evidence suggests you should visit the gym. But how can exercising your muscles boost your brain power?

In Chile’s Elqui Valley, Intergalactic Sightseeing Is the Star

Mamalluca is one of about a dozen observatories in northern Chile’s Elqui Valley region that cater to astrotourists (once known simply as stargazers). An oasis in an otherwise arid landscape, the roughly 90-mile-long valley stretches from the Pacific Ocean eastward into the Andean foothills.

Greece on a knife edge

It is exactly five years since Greece joined the European Support Mechanism with the close cooperation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The policy of extreme austerity applied in the country at the behest of international creditors over the years has further aggravated the economic and social reality.

Offbeat Bogotá

Bogotá bound: things to know before you arrive. If you're making your way to Colombia by air, there's a pretty good chance that Bogotá

Blood Pressure, the Mystery Number

Almost half a century after rigorous studies showed medicines that lower blood pressure prevent heart attacks, strokes and deaths, researchers still do not know just how low blood pressure should go. Millions around the world take these drugs, but this fundamental question remains unresolved.

The Falklands phoney war

Is it a mere flexing of military muscle or something a little more untoward? That's the question observers and interested parties are mulling over with the latest Argentinian-British posturing over the Falkland Islands or Las Malvinas as they are called in Argentina.