Time to call the FARC’s bluff

It was never going to be easy. Unlike the previous efforts, the negotiations are following a tight agenda, of five points, aimed at ending the conflict for good. They take place in Havana, opaquely, in an effort to insulate them from the continuing conflict back home. But the process has been grindingly slow.

Pope Francis stars South America trip Ecuador

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in the Ecuadorean city of Guayaquil to see Pope Francis celebrate Mass. Francis brings his message of a church in transformation to a heavily Catholic region, and is expected to address the themes he wrote about in his encyclical on the environment.

Counting on corruption?

There is a belief that developing countries tend to be more corrupt than their more developed counterparts.  That may be difficult to precisely measure, but looking at Latin America, across the region a number of states are currently dealing with high-profile corruption scandals.

Argentina's lesson for Greece

A Greek exit from the eurozone could have far more negative consequences than many analysts realise, warns Domingo Cavallo, Argentina's Minister of the Economy at the time of that country's default in 2001. What lessons can Greece learn from Argentina's default?

U.S. and Cuba Agree to Reopen Embassies

The United States and Cuba will announce an agreement on Wednesday to reopen embassies in each other’s capitals, formally restoring diplomatic relations more than a half-century after they were ruptured, according to administration officials.

Why excercise boost IQ

If you want your mind to be sharper, the evidence suggests you should visit the gym. But how can exercising your muscles boost your brain power?

In Chile’s Elqui Valley, Intergalactic Sightseeing Is the Star

Mamalluca is one of about a dozen observatories in northern Chile’s Elqui Valley region that cater to astrotourists (once known simply as stargazers). An oasis in an otherwise arid landscape, the roughly 90-mile-long valley stretches from the Pacific Ocean eastward into the Andean foothills.