Guatemalan president resigns

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina resigns amid a corruption scandal which saw him stripped of his immunity and a warrant issued for his arrest. Mr. Pérez Molina said he would face charges in a customs fraud scandal that has generated a sweeping protest movement of citizens enraged by government corruption.

Plumping for Los Pumas

Perhaps the greatest association most people make between South America and rugby, if they make any at all, is the film 'Alive'. Yet followers of the sport won't need to be told that on the pitch Argentina's national side is up there with the best of them at Rugby Union.

Helpful tips for keeping pests out of your organic garden

One of the biggest challenges that organic gardeners have long faced is invasive pests, which as you may well know tend to target food crops that have not been treated with toxic pesticides. But maintaining a truly organic garden is not an impossible task, especially if you are willing to take the time to employ some tried and true methods of deterring pests without chemicals.

South America may face a perfect economic storm

Listening to the business-as-usual speeches by the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and other South American countries in the wake of China’s economic slowdown, it seems like they are living on a different planet. They are still bragging about their countries’ abundant natural resources and raw materials, as if that mattered much in the new world of Google, Apple and Uber.

'You say goodbye, I say Dubai'

Dubai, a mega-rich city that could be described as a Western safe haven situated in a region that is typically anything but. And Panma City, the Miami of Latin America. The big drawback is the rather considerable flight time. In fact, at 17 hours and 35 minutes westbound

Ecuador's 'out of line' equator

The point where countless tourists put a foot each side of the line emanating from this monument, in order to be in each hemisphere at the same time, well they're actually still fully in the Southern Hemisphere.