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The Post´s integral purpose and its Publisher´s  basis for thoughtful  action is the intercultural digital communication to and from the Latam communities in order to emerge as a primary machanism for social coordination.

Delusions of Populism

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Have you heard about “libertarian populism” yet? If not, you will.

It will surely be touted all over the airwaves and the opinion pages by the same kind of people who assured you, a few years ago, that Representative Paul Ryan was the very model of a Serious, Honest Conservative. So let me make a helpful public service announcement: It’s bunk.

Nicaragua canal a big dig — or big scam?

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Nicaragua’s $40 billion deal with a Chinese company to build a trans-oceanic waterway that will compete with the Panama Canal will either be Latin America’s most important economic project in more than a century or the biggest government scam in the region’s history.

Economic policy 4.0

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The repeated economic policy dilemma around the world is growth vs expending. The Post is now more convinced that the political approaches are inadecuate because of lack of consideration of the pragmatic need for self preservation. The world really needs more demand, fueled by government borrowing, to fight mass unemployment within an adaptive mixed economy.

Pope Francis’ economic philosophy

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" As Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, now known as Francis I, assumes leadership for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, we won’t presume to tell him how to think on matters religious. But for the sake of world markets, we hope the new pope will act in the best tradition of Catholic economic thought.





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