Animal Whose Numbers Please No One

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While hunting the animal here is legal, the culling of Tierra del Fuego’s guanaco herds is setting off a fierce debate over the fragile recovery of a native species and the sway of powerful ranching and logging interests, which contend that rising numbers of guanacos are competing with sheep for pasture and foraging in commercial hardwood


Drug War Debate Divides Latam

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Latin American governments traditionally allied with the U.S. on anti-drug efforts are increasingly divided as countries from Costa Ricato Colombia seek a debate over legalization at a regional summit.

Crime in Latam

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Citizens’ security is the region’s biggest problem. Plenty of factors explain Latin America’s crime disease. The external demand for cocaine, and attempts to suppress the drug trade, prompted the spread of organised criminal mafias; growth in domestic consumption of drugs has since compounded the problem. A bulge in the number of young men, many of whom are poorly educated and command low wages in the legal economy, is another factor. So is income inequality. The ubiquity of firearms means that crime is often violent.