Crime in Latam

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Citizens’ security is the region’s biggest problem. Plenty of factors explain Latin America’s crime disease. The external demand for cocaine, and attempts to suppress the drug trade, prompted the spread of organised criminal mafias; growth in domestic consumption of drugs has since compounded the problem. A bulge in the number of young men, many of whom are poorly educated and command low wages in the legal economy, is another factor. So is income inequality. The ubiquity of firearms means that crime is often violent.

Maduro and opposition in crisis talks

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has met opposition leaders in crisis talks aimed at quelling weeks of protests. Mr Maduro met his bitter rival, opposition leader Henrique Capriles, more talks are scheduled.The meeting was brokered by foreign ministers from South American nations. Protests erupted over soaring crime rates in February, but have snowballed into wider anti-government rallies. Some 40 people have been killed. Mr Maduro, who says the protests are part of a "fascist" US-backed plot against him, told the meeting that there would be no deal with the opposition.

Arizona woos Mexico, downplays anti-immigrant law

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Mention Arizona  as the most anti-Mexico state in the U.S., even if the tough anti-migrant law behind that perception has been largely voided. But Arizona's leaders are logging lots of miles to put a new face on their home state. Official delegations have come across the border several times in the last year looking to drum up more trade and tourism in what is already a big business relationship -- but one they say could be much bigger. They're talking binational everything.

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