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The Post´s integral purpose and its Publisher´s  basis for thoughtful  action is the intercultural digital communication to and from the Latam communities in order to emerge as a primary machanism for social coordination.


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How Tests Make Us Smarter

TESTS have a bad reputation in education circles these days: They take time, the critics say, put students under pressure and, in the case of standardized testing, crowd out other educational priorities. But the truth is that, used properly, testing as part of an educational routine provides an important tool not just to measure learning, but to promote it.

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Latin America’s Talent for Tolerance

Before every World Cup match in Brazil, the players lined up in front of a banner that read, “Say No to Racism.” The message was particularly directed toward the soccer stadiums of Europe, where there have been many instances of racial taunting and physical aggression by hostile fans against African and other black players.


Giant crocodile fossil discovered in northern Colombia

Scientists in northern Colombia have discovered the fossilized remains of a nearly 900-pound crocodile that roamed the earth 65 million years ago.


Corruption 'impoverishes and kills millions'

An estimated $1tn (£600bn) a year is being taken out of poor countries and millions of lives are lost because of corruption, according to campaigners.

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Crime in Latam

Citizens’ security is the region’s biggest problem. Plenty of factors explain Latin America’s crime disease. The external demand for cocaine, and attempts to suppress the drug trade, prompted the spread of organised criminal mafias; growth in domestic consumption of drugs has since compounded the problem. A bulge in the number of young men, many of whom are poorly educated and command low wages in the legal economy, is another factor. So is income inequality. The ubiquity of firearms means that crime is often violent.

Venezuela: Fears U.S. sanctions rally public support for unpopular government

Analysts say there are several reasons that calls for sanctions in Washington appear to be drawing a tepid response in Caracas from opponents of the Maduro government.






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