A legend that lives on

Guatavita is a small green lake set in a crater in the hills north of Bogotá. The fact you need to climb up to this very circular body of water is somewhat strange: it doesn’t seem quite natural, and no one really knows how it was formed. A meteorite, maybe? A sink-hole, possibly? More surprising, is that this chilly pond only 300 metres wide spawned the legend of El Dorado, a myth so potent that for four centuries it drove gold-crazed explorers in to every corner of the continent (and many to early graves) and passed into the English language as the lost city of fabled wealth.

Football in Latam - Jogo complicado

The history of the beautiful game in Latin America can be quite ugly:

ethnic divisions within countries and bitter rivalries between them played out on the pitch. Political turmoil came to be reflected in the game; violence was common. But football also imbued the region with a sense of pride and self-belief. The success of Latin America’s players stands in contrast to the failures of its political leaders. Their fluid style of play is known round the world, giving the region a positive identity.





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