Global Issues

Climate efforts falling short

Delivering the latest stark news about climate change a UN panel warned that governments are not doing enough to avert profound risks. But the experts found a silver lining: Not only is there still.....


What's behind Venezuela's economic woes?

It has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is deeply politically polarised. But arguably it is the poor state of its economy that is the most pressing of the problems facing President.....

Living / People

Responding to Quake, Chile Uses Lessons of Past

Soon after an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit southern Chile in 2010 near the end of President Michelle Bachelet’s first term, officials failed to issue a tsunami warning. This time around, when an.....


  • Neo-Communitarianism

    The Post´s integral purpose and its Publisher´s  basis for thoughtful  action is the intercultural digital communication to and from the Latam communities in order to emerge as a primary machanism for social coordination.
  • Testing Venezuela's sincerity

    Government's actions undermine calls for mediation. The Vatican's conditional interest in mediating the political chaos in Venezuela is the first promising development in that country since the current round of unrest began in earnest almost two months ago. Yet there is little reason for optimism because the government seems to be in no mood for peace.

  • Argentina has a lot in common with Justin Bieber

    A joke making the rounds on the Internet says that if Argentina were a celebrity, it would be Justin Bieber -- a rich, spoiled, irresponsible teenager, who always repeats the same mistakes, and always blames others for them.

Latam Media

Wolverine The Musical - Hugh Jackman

Something light to start the week


Cubans hungry for online revolution

Cubans battle with Communist island's internet restrictions

Cuba considers new foreign investment law

Cuba’s parliament has been summoned to a special session later this month to approve a new foreign investment law designed to strengthen guarantees to wary capitalists and help drag the island’s.....

Uruguay President asks US to free Cubans

Uruguay's president on Friday asked the United States to free three Cuban prisoners in exchange for receiving five Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Make a career change

For London-based Michelle Brideau, 10 years in the travel industry felt like an eternity. What started as low pay and high stress — but great perks — had evolved into low pay, high stress, no perks.....

Southbound Travel

Providencia: Inspiration of visibility

Guided by glowing coral and parrotfish, my test dive at Tete’s Place, a reef just one kilometer from Providencia’s palm-lined beaches was a feel-good, zero gravity experience.

Trekking in Colombia, 10 top destinations

Trekking through Colombia is quickly becoming a popular way for travelers to experience the country.

Miami on the cheap?

Venezuelans heading to Florida will have to learn to travel cheap. The government enacted a new law that severely limits how much foreign currency travelers can purchase.

US warns visiting Honduras

The State Department cautioned travelers about the risks of visiting Honduras, known as the “murder capital of the world,” saying that killings of Americans are frequent and almost never solved...


How You Can Be Fit But Not Healthy

Ryan Shay was at the peak of fitness when he lined up at the start of the New York City Marathon in November 2007 with the hopes of qualifying for.....

Healing effects of music

Fascinated by music's therapeutic properties, a pianist and a neurosurgeon collaborated on 'The Symphonic Suite for Healing.' The results were.....

Study: Ciclopirox drug completely eradicates infectious HIV from cell cultures

A team of researchers from three departments at New Jersey Medical previously showed that Ciclopirox, commonly used by dermatologists and.....

Vitamin D not needed for healthy

There is little reason to prescribe vitamin D supplements to healthy adults to reduce the risk of diseases or fractures.No significant reduction in.....

Identity / Culture

Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas

Niede Guidon still remembers her astonishment when she glimpsed the paintings.

Farmers evicted to save tribe

Carlos Reis took photos the day government officials knocked down his house of 20 years and seized his land.“We lost our things,” said Reis, who now lives in a tent with his wife and two sons. “It.....

Picasso in your cupboard

Take a close look at that decorative ceramic plate, vase or bowl on your mantel.

How has Mexico City changed?

Recently back in Mexico City for some reporting more than 12 years after I left my post as the Monitor's Latin America correspondent here, I had my eye out for what had changed – the good and the bad...


Viewing U.S. in fear and dismay

The word many Mexicans now use to describe Washington reflects a familiar mix of outrage and exasperation: berrinche. Technically defined as a tantrum, berrinches are also spoiled little rich kids, blind to their privilege and the effects of their misbehavior.