Mexico mixes the past and the present of art

Emmanuel Zavala at his next exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa will present 25 pieces in low and high temperature ceramics. A race of hybrid characters of prehispanic pieces with forms of contemporary ones, seeking unity between the ancestral with current art.

This artist is interested in syncretic and transculturation processes such as the local and the global, the ancient and the contemporary, the banal and the transcendental. Resignification, transformation and syncretism are the keys to understanding your proposal.

The notion of memory is a constant in local sculptural production. As Gerardo Mosquera points out, "The culture of Latin America, and especially its plastic arts, frequently played a rebound, returning the balls that came from the metropolis, appropriating hegemonic tendencies to use them from the individual inventiveness of the artists. Now Latin American artists work from the complexity of their contexts. "

In his case Emmanuel Zavala mixes the pre-Columbian religious figure, the dances and the representative masks used in the celebration of the Xantolo (in the Huasteca Veracruzana) and the images of contemporary toys to create works of ritual, threatening or playful expression. From a poetic not without a certain irony, his sculptures link the popular with elements of an ambiguous identity.

The work of this artist is born from the cross between the old and the contemporary, reflecting on particular phenomena such as the celebration of Xantolo, a festivity in itself syncretic, which assimilates in a massive and popular Indian prehispanic rituals in accordance with Judeo-Christian religious celebrations. In this work, Emmanuel Zavala uses forms and icons of mass culture with their own ritual forms (globalized images that mix with local cultural elements). In this way he works with the old paradigm of "anthropophagy" and the cultural strategies of appropriation and syncretism so present in Latin American art. In this syncretic work, his sculptures are a reflection of our media and consumer society, and the search for identity in art.

The need to determine and define what characterizes "our time" is the competence of an art that proclaims its adherence to globalization and at the same time celebrates with the same enthusiasm the difference and roots of our own; In the case of Emmanuel Zavala, the artist is faithful to his memory, the marks of identity and the conditions of his context.

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